Savannah Hanson: Choosing the eternal |

Savannah Hanson: Choosing the eternal


The traumatized brain seeks safety. This is very important to recognize, the traumatized brain will seek safety in the temporary. Unfortunately, safety can never be found there. Safety only exists in the eternal. My sense is the coming times of increasing chaos, as more external structures and institutions dissolve, the level of trauma and external safety seeking will increase dramatically.

If only it would ultimately work! Yet my direct experience is it never does. We may patch up one challenge or trigger only to discover five more. Anyone who is really paying attention can see this is true. Spiritual texts point to this truth — the only safety lies in the eternal. So what to do when the brain keeps us seeking external safety? In time, the pursuit will end in a state of exhaustion. I have heard spiritual teacher Adyashanti say the point of all spiritual practices is to exhaust the seeker. Once the seeker comes to the end of the rope, a permanent answer may finally be appealing.

Until then, it may feel as though we are forced down one rabbit hole after another trying to find peace. We may need to explore special relationships before arriving on the shores of the last challenges/frontiers blocking the knowing of who we are, identification with the body and fear of death.

For some it may take great pressure to wake up to our identity as eternal. In my own life, I have sought answers endlessly without a permanent solution. The continuing suffering makes me very vigilant for a way out. Yet it was just less than two months ago I finally had the courage to let go of a group that promised external safety yet kept me in a state of constant trauma. To have the courage to let it go and trust I have what I need within was one of the hardest things I have done and took great courage.

I just completed a dialogue with spiritual teacher and friend John Mark Stroud. A friend and I were asking him about all the seeming chaos and how to be at peace with the turmoil. While he has been pointing to the same place for all the years I have known him, somehow it landed in a new way. In his own life he said he had to continually, what he called, “cross the threshold.” He had to repeatedly turn his attention to the eternal no matter what the provocation. A hundred, a thousand, a million times when there was something “wrong’ at the level of form, he had to choose to keep his awareness of his eternal nature. Eventually it began to stick.

What is interesting is when we are placing our attention on trying to resolve trauma at the level of form, our minds will be out-picturing problems and solutions, ways to play in form. They may even work for that issue until another trigger pops up. Yet minds are creative so we continue to seemingly perpetuate endless problems! Where attention goes, energy flows and creates. So we could cycle eternally there. Until we have had enough.What I notice since I quit that group is much more of my time and energy goes into creating the life and world I desire to live in. So much more synchronicity and even miracles are unfolding. I laugh more often, express myself more authentically and am returning to a childlike wonder and joy. Each day I focus on several areas of my life I would like to unfold and then on the world I would celebrate living in. Not surprisingly, my life is better than ever.

Yet when a crisis hits, it is so easy to return to focusing on form and trying to get answers there. Recently I was at Lake Tahoe for a few days. I had forgotten my blood pressure medication yet was doing fine until a relative called with two significant challenges. I was OK at first yet in the middle of one night I woke up with my body feeling very ill with pounding heart, nausea, splitting headache. The mind went crazy and I feared I could not get out of bed let alone home, particularly as I was alone. I had to open to “A Course of Love” and read it was my mind, not the body, that was the problem. I also read that to pray to an external God would not cut it. Only after I claimed myself as the living embodiment of Christ consciousness did my body immediately and miraculously return to perfect well being from one moment to the next. I got home with incredibly low blood pressure and am now almost totally off the medication.This is just one small example of what can occur when we create from our true self and exit trauma. Simple yet not always easy. Moving beyond trauma to keep our attention on our eternal nature feels like one of the most vital choices we can make. From that space, the ability to create has never been more alive or available. I am convinced we can imagine a glorious new earth into existence. We are always free to choose where to place our attention. Choose wisely.

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