Savannah Hanson: Choosing only the thought system of the divine |

Savannah Hanson: Choosing only the thought system of the divine

For this one, the month of July has brought some powerful energies that have made it absolutely essential that all thoughts are focused on unity. The constant upgrades to awareness have brought up some really dark material to be integrated. For those committed to awakening, the ride may be a bit wild.

I have been shocked to discover how many thoughts had previously flown under the radar, coming from the ego’s thought system. It seems now the body is registering every variance with extreme urgency. In other words, this one’s body sends out an immediate red flag when ego thoughts are passing through the mind.

The body registers such thoughts with tension and major discomfort. For the sake of convenience, I will use words to describe the energies arising for this one. Normally I prefer to let the energy be nameless and simply let it pass through. Anxiety and overwhelm have returned with a fervor I have not known in years.

One day a very primal energy arose from not being held. It seemingly related to a preverbal experience of not being held until age one due to a medical challenge my mother was having. Trying to hold the energy of a preverbal, primal energy of feeling like no one was there to hold me, no one was there at all.felt impossible. I can not describe how challenging it was to create the space to hold these energies.

All of which has thrown me back to “A Course in Miracles.” I had studied this book for a decade. Now I read it again first thing every morning along with “A Course of Love.” A new friend said this is how he handled the ego’s screams for attention and energy. He said now his life is flowing.

Another friend counseled me to give all thoughts to the eternal. With such powerful motivation, it is now a no brainer (I wish) to catch any ego thought and to immediately turn it over to source, God, vastness, whatever term works for you. “God’s thought system is one of continuous creation, rebirth and renewal. The ego’s thought system is one of continuous destruction and disassembly, of decay and death,” as it says in “A Course of Love.”

I got a number of responses to my column “Choosing the eternal.” Seems I am not alone in experiencing the ego’s voice getting louder. My new favorite lesson in “A Course of Miracles” is 153. It speaks of how we can feel threatened by a changing world which seems to attack and terrify us. It tells us we will find no safety in the world. It promises that in our defenselessness our safety lies. Soothing words to an inflamed mind.

Since July I often wake up in the middle of the night and read from my two books, falling into a deep sleep. Recently I had a very difficult day physically and the mind was very active, the body unconsolable. I felt despair and was relieved to read from someone I respect that this is fairly common now. She promises it is a gateway to the divine. And how! Never have I been more devoted or committed.

This morning a miracle occurred. As the eyes opened, only peace was present. There was no mind, no Savannah, no personality, simply a vast peace of being. Yet within about eight seconds the mind popped in with the thought, I am peaceful. There went presence back into the conditioned mind, the personality. It is clear only being will contain the vastness of spacious presence that allows peace regardless of circumstances.

Once we allow difficult emotions or mind activity to pass through the body, it is time to move into creation. Our every thought and feeling creates. A friend and I joined to see rain over this parched earth and sure enough, it rained!

It is easy to get stuck in feeling sorry for oneself, feeling victimized by what may seem like continuous triggers. If so, I highly encourage you to join me in being vigilant to allow all ego thoughts to first pass through the body and then be given to the mystery, the eternal. I have several friends who through their mindfulness practice, their grounding practice, their study of sacred text experience little or no fear. I would say that is highly motivating in these polarized times. If we can stay out of right/wrong, good/bad, we will experience peace. Jumping into polarity, into fighting, into safety in form will never work. Investigate deeply enough and you will see this is true.

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