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Savannah Hanson: Back to the garden

Savannah Hanson

We are blessed to be living in extraordinary times. The current frequencies and energetics give us an opportunity our ancestors never had — to exit suffering! You may balk at these words if you are using the five senses to evaluate the state of our planet. Personal and global news often seem to indicate otherwise.

How do we move beyond suffering into the new earth, a space beyond duality, beyond suffering, beyond contrast, beyond learning. This has been the prison of the human experience for eons. To move from the third to the fifth dimension of consciousness, to unconditional love, we must pass through the challenges of personal and human suffering, be willing to viscerally feel the impact of trauma stored in cellular memory in order to integrate it. This is no longer an optional program. As frequency shifts keep increasing the light on the planet, people are often ungrounded, even panicked as previously unconscious trauma surfaces.

In addition to our personal triggers, there are global human contractions that we will also feel. Many forces are at work that are not aligned with the betterment of humankind. Rather in the name of power and greed, these forces actively suppress and manipulate us through deliberating activating fear. It can all be rather overwhelming.

Yet “A Course of Love” promises us an end to suffering. In fact it calls us to this sacred work saying, “Willingness is now upon humankind … If you do not accept yourself, all of yourself, you cling to suffering … To accept the end of suffering is to accept your true Self.”

Dear friends, once we have cleared and integrated enough of the fourth dimensional trauma, we are now at a time in history where we can exist beyond suffering and enter joy!

This means we accept our seeming imperfections, our impatience, anger, laziness, weakness, anxiety. We greet each inner aspect with love and tenderness. We say yes to our current experience. Bitterness can keep us locked in the past, moaning about all that we have been through.

We are asked to shift our attention from what is “wrong” to what is working, to what is luscious about ourselves, our lives and each other. This shift of awareness begins to transmute what we see. Where our attention goes, energy flows. Over time with a constant willingness to be vigilant for the kingdom, always seeing with eyes of love, the pain-body begins to be integrated and Christ consciousness arises. The intent of awakening is to first maintain and then sustain this consciousness. This process is well underway.

In July I used ritual to commit to joy, to affirm the end of suffering. I then spent about a month in Austria with my outlaws (former in-laws.) I had the direct experience of what “A Course of Love” promises. Even during big energy shifts like the full moon and the 8/8 astrological Lion’s gate, I did not suffer! As an empath, these energies often used to feel like being compressed in a vise or spun in a washing machine. Instead I felt mild discomfort followed by huge gratitude as vital awarenesses were revealed to me. Long-standing patterns of frustration and disappointment simply evaporated. I have had the direct experience of being beyond suffering, not needing to learn through contrast, rather simply having new knowing revealed.

Upon my return, one of my deepest fears and sense of loss was unfolding and yet I had one of the best days of my life in absolute flow. I continue to be able to simply witness ghost images of the specialness/ co-dependency/ neediness that had imprisoned me for lifetimes. Yes, it requires vigilance to stay out of the past or the future. I literally picture a sword of the past directly behind my heart and the sword of attempting to plan the future directly in front of my heart. Any attempts in either direction instantly send up a flare of warning to stop or pass back into suffering.

Dear friends, once we have cleared and integrated enough of the fourth dimensional trauma, we are now at a time in history where we can exist beyond suffering and enter joy! This is the most extraordinary gift for those who choose the ascension path. Another current potential gift is the speed in which our thoughts and intent can manifest. It took nine years of intent for me to embody Love, nine months now to begin to embody Joy.

This is the time of our return to the garden of Eden. We are being bathed in what some are calling freedom codes that now allow us to transcend the torment of the enslavement programs that have been with us for lifetimes. Can you feel this new freedom? Crosby, Stills Nash & Young were perhaps singing about this:

“We are stardust, we are golden

We are billion year old carbon

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

These new frequencies give us an opportunity to access the garden of joy beyond suffering. Will you join me there?

For information on private sessions, classes, joy coaching or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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