Savannah Hanson: Architects of our evolution |

Savannah Hanson: Architects of our evolution

“You alone are the architect of your evolution.”

— Richard Rudd “The Gene Keys”

Take a moment to really breath that in, to consider the veracity of that statement. In my experience this is the great game changer of life. Many of us may feel like victims; of our childhood, our trauma, out politicians, the environment. Most will become lost in egoic versions of ourselves, cycling in patterns and conditioned views of ourselves as broken. We may spend fortunes, decades in workshops, classes, reading books all designed to get us free of the sticky mess of our own shadows. Or we may try to create a life ignoring these undercurrents of loss.

Richard goes on to say that the purpose of “The Gene Keys” is “to unveil your own incandescence, the eternal spark of genius that sets us apart from every one else. When you fully embrace the implications of this truth, this truth can transform your life.” All great spiritual teachers and gurus reveal to us “that inside each of us lies vast potential and beauty, and it is limited only by the way we see ourselves and the world around us.”

When we are able to connect to our own essence, we discover we are the architects of our own lives.

This is a hard truth to grasp. With so much of the attention of the media, of so many systems keeping our eyes glued on fear, it is easy to forget our own magnificence so totally it seems unimaginable.

Having experienced worked with hundreds of people, and taking into account the story of my own life, it reveals how hard it can be to break away from this paradigm of brokenness, of victim, of separation. Yet these times seem to both inspire us and require us to do that. If we remain lost in the story of our own victimization, powerless to impact all the forces that appear aligned against our good, we are already sunk. Yet for those willing to confront and transmute the inner demons and shadows, the results can be quiet astonishing as we begin to claim the power of our own identity.

A friend gave me a gift of a little block of wood that say, “be you.” Sounds simple enough yet I have spent decades uncovering all the not me’s that have masqueraded as Savannah. It takes great willingness and commitment to peel back layer after layer of falsehoods, co-dependency, rage and addiction to find this incandescent self. Yet the sense of return is breathtaking. When we do, life seems to bend over backwards to make our every desire come true.

What has been arising in my own life is this sense of returning to the innocence and authenticity of a child yet with the wisdom, courage and life experience of an adult. I find myself speaking so radically honestly and transparent, my mouth sometimes hangs open. The joy that arises form this honesty is so rejuvenating. One of my favorite new experiences I am having in the circling practice I have been participating in, is a willingness to name my sense of connection. Three times this week I said to people I had just met through the circling practice “I feel so connected to you.” The practice of authentic relating sweeping the globe is seemingly an antidote to all the lies and corruption we are so tired of.

I have been moved to tears when my offering of connection is met and mirrored by the other also sharing a deeply meaningful sense of connection, of shared humanity, of being held. Several have said to me they can’t really take my caring and connection in. They had to give themselves the space to breath in to it, perhaps to feel safe enough to believe in it.

Yet in my experience, nothing else can feel so rewarding, so gratifying, so inspiring. When we are able to connect to our own essence, we discover we are the architects of our own lives. Then we can choose to create lives formed not from brokenness, rather from dreaming, imagining. We can name and commit to our own deepest yearnings, trusting we have the inner resources to pull those seemingly impossible realities into existence.

It is all too easy to get lost in hopelessness, yet what the world needs now is those who claim and live aligned with the inner power to lift their frequency to a plane where this new world based on fairness, equality, generosity, unity, shred realities comes into form. So many of us have waited forever for this day to emerge. Let’s draw the blueprint and then start to create those preciously unimaginable solutions to the worlds greatest challenges. We have the power, let’s use it.

For information on private sessions or classes, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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