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Our health, our community, our hospital

A special, holiday gift to SNMHF means:

— a faster, more streamlined Emergency Department.

— a Family Birth Center filled with state-of-the-art equipment to welcome new lives to the world.

— a brand new mammography unit to save lives through early detection of breast cancer.

— advanced technology to help give hearts a new start, a first book for a young child struggling to read, respite support for a family dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia, equipment on an ambulance to help save lives in the field, and much, much more.

— your gift given to an area of the hospital near and dear to your heart will make a tremendous difference to someone struggling with illness, an accident, or tragedy that doesn’t know your name but is deeply grateful they were able to be helped when they needed it most.

For 60 plus years, one local entity has touched, treated, and saved thousands of lives here in western Nevada County. From the day its doors first opened in December 1958, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital has been – at its core – a community-funded and community-owned hospital.

The hospital was founded by a group of community leaders who had a vision for a hospital that would care for, and grow with, the community.

It was built on donated land with funding provided entirely by community members. Not a single federal, state or county dollar was used.

Today, 61 years later, the community continues to be a driving force behind SNMH’s growth and development.

Our Health

At Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, we see the direct impact that our community’s ongoing generosity has on our local health care.

Your collective donations – no matter the size – make a big difference on the lives of your neighbors, friends, family members and loved ones who rely on having outstanding health care right here, in their very own backyard.

Thanks to our community, SNMH’s Infusion Center was able to expand to accommodate more patients and provide vital treatment in a relaxing environment. Thanks to our community, our Emergency Department is able to better expedite patient care, provide more beds, create a safe environment for patients in crisis, and give privacy to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Thanks to our community, SNMH’s Community Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to treating patients mind, body and spirit.

Thanks to our community, our hospital is able to invest in updated procedures and equipment that can lead to early diagnosis and positive outcomes.

Thanks to our community, $1,613,458 was transferred in June to support health care needs at SNMH; the largest amount SNMHF has ever given to the hospital in a single year.

Our Community

Built by our community, for our community, SNMH cares for over 75,000 people that utilize SNMH services, people who count on our hospital to be available when they need it most.

The following are responses from community members when asked to share a story of gratitude on World Gratitude Day (Sept. 20):

“I am a patient of Dr. David Campbell, MD in the hematology/oncology clinic at SNMH. I ‘m always amazed by the exceptional attentiveness, considerate, kindhearted, helpful, gracious and polite way that I am treated from the reception/check-in, medical assistant for vital signs and record updates, blood draws by the phlebotomist, the RNs and of course Dr. Campbell for listening to me as well as his words of encouragement.” – Forester H. Sinclair Jr.

We are eternally grateful for the incredible care we receive at SNMH and the Cancer Center.

“From our brilliant Oncologist, Dr. Campbell, the caring Nurses at the Cancer Center and Infusion Nurses for chemotherapy, the Nutritionist helping with Mike’s weight, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Dr. Waterbrook for surgeries – SNMH cares for all your needs every step of the way. We just can’t say enough about the expert care we receive since Mike’s Stage IV diagnosis. The Cancer Center feels like family, and that feels good during such a difficult time.” – Forever grateful, Mike and Audrey Rigby

“I am very grateful for the services that the staff in E.R. provided when I had some serious health issues. They were always very helpful – even on the 4AM shift – and concerned about my situation. THANK YOU.” – Willem Degroot

“Thanks to all at SNMH who work tirelessly to make our hospital a good one!” – Lee Good

“I donated (to the Emergency Department) in honor of my father who died as a first responder (Sheriff’s Deputy) when he was only 32 years old. I am super GRATEFUL to be able to give back to the ED, a place where lives are often deeply impacted by our swift, skillful, compassionate services and care. That same level of care, in a different California county, kept my father alive long enough for us to be able to spend time with him before he left.  And that same level of care, the previous year, kept our 30-year-old mother alive after an auto accident long enough to use her organs to save lives. So ED services are something I am personally grateful for.” – Debbie Hillyard

Our Hospital

Thanks to the ongoing collaboration and support fostered between our community and our local, community-owned hospital, we have created a solid platform for western Nevada Country to continue to stay happy and healthy for generations to come.

“There is a great responsibility that comes with living in a rural community with its own hospital,” said SNMHF Executive Director Kimberly Parker. “Keeping you healthy is our goal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but we can’t do it alone.”

During this holiday season, please consider making a gift to SNMHF in support of SNMH and community healthcare. Gifts to any area or service line of your choosing can be made by check to SNMHF and mailed to PO Box 1810, Grass Valley CA 95945.

Secure, online donations can be made by visiting http://www.supportsierranevada.org/donate.

Gifts may also be made over the phone by calling 530-477-9700.

“When you make a gift to SNMH, you make a gift to your community,” said Parker

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