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‘Heart Fluency’ — a path to the heart’s perfect wisdom

Bruce Pardoe
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Heart Fluency Emotional Mastery Training

Heal trauma and emotional wounds to embody your natural happiness and well-being.

• Six weekly two-hour highly experiential classes with extensive materials.

• Five individual sessions to directly experience healing and learn to do it for yourself.

• Deepened mastery through community sharing on a proprietary online forum.

• 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Feb. 25 through March 31, via online video conference.

• Learn more by emailing info@asklove.org for a complementary session.

• Learn more at www.facebook.com/heartfluency.

North San Juan meditation practitioner and healer Bruce Pardoe has been on an inner healing journey for more than 40 years.

He’s gone on extended pilgrimages to the “wisdom centers” of India and Nepal, and taken months-long solo retreats. He’s cumulatively spent more than two years in complete silence as a means to open his heart to wisdom and compassion. He’s also seen the Dalai Lama and studied Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism.

Earlier in his life, Pardoe spent years seeking relief from a sense of inner unrest and trauma. And then it got worse. At a meditation retreat in Massachusetts, he suddenly felt an intensity bubbling up from his inner core that he’d never felt before.

“It was a feeling of primal terror — but not related to any situation in my life that I could identify,” he said. “It was overwhelming, like a panic attack.”

He began to have more episodes — some worse than the last, all of which seemed to arise during meditation.

“It was heartbreaking because through meditation I had found my home,” he said. “But by doing the practice I love, even while overseen by a premier teacher, things were suddenly getting worse and more intense.”

As a result, he went on an intensive healing mission, experimenting with a broad range of healing modalities such as neuro feedback, psychotherapy, cranial sacral treatments, cleanses, acupuncture, tapping, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, somatic experiencing therapy, even spending 80 days with a shaman in Peru. Yet while these experiences were valuable and informative, they weren’t “it.” After spending tens of thousands of dollars and years of his life searching, Pardoe said he felt discouraged, hopeless, helpless and utterly defeated.

Then, something changed.

“At another retreat, after the primal terror resurfaced, I decided to go outside onto a hillside,” said Pardoe. “I had my head in my hands and suddenly the sun hit my face and chest — the ‘face’ of my heart. I heard the message, ‘I know the healing lies in my heart.’”


With that, it was as if there was an instantaneous download of information, said Pardoe, with the core message being that the heart’s intelligence, not the brain or body, had to be the source of healing emotional wounds. This moment, he said, was the birth of his practice, which came to be known as “Heart Fluency.”

“It came to me fully formed, just as it is today,” he said. “I started using it on myself right away and things started to change for the better.”

That was 2007, and for the past 13 years Pardoe has been offering Heart Fluency workshops, classes and sessions to therapists, healers, spiritual leaders, meditation practitioners and others who are ready to embark upon their own healing from trauma, negative belief systems and destructive emotional patterns. Pardoe says his personal journey through his own deep trauma has taught him an approach that allows one to acknowledge, sit with, and feel ingrained emotional wounds without experiencing re-traumatization.

Instead of meeting trauma head on with clenched fists as if ready to fight the feelings or stare them down, Pardoe invites the participant to observe with compassion, putting distance between the feelings and the individual. The feelings and bodily sensations that arise are to be gently nurtured, like a grounded adult holding a child until his tantrum subsides.

“Anger, longing, rage, fear, sadness, grief, et cetera, are all ‘children’ that deserve to be known and held,” writes Pardoe. “If we become identified or overwhelmed by them, the potential for healing and insight are lost and we risk deepening their negative conditioning or even re-traumatizing our systems. That being said, if we do not allow them to fully and authentically express, they will not unwind, integrate and inform us.”

Pardoe suggests that rather than being caught up inside your own movie — written by conditioning and distraction — that we instead “pull ourselves off of the movie screen and take a seat in the theater.” With the ability to observe our experience mindfully, it creates an awareness, distance from, and compassion for, the trauma — rather than being consumed by it. He says it is vital that one “get out of the head and into the heart.” That’s when true healing begins.

“Awareness is how our waking lives unfold,” said Pardoe. “Whether we are up on the screen mindlessly or mindfully in the seat in the theater, we are in both cases aware of what’s happening. The question is, do we have a mindless awareness that leaves us imprisoned on the screen, or have we taken the seat of a mindful awareness that allows us choice and freedom? When we are aware, we know what’s happening.”

Ability to heal

Over the years, many Nevada County healers, practitioners and spiritual leaders have taken Pardoe’s Heart Fluency workshops, such as Lani Howard of Unity in the Gold Country and the Rev. Kevin Tarsa of the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains in Grass Valley. Some have even begun their own trainings.

“Heart Fluency is the most direct spiritual practice I’ve found to access my heart for its intelligence and ability to heal emotional issues,” wrote Tarsa in a testimonial.

Pardoe likens the Heart Fluency approach to clouds in the sky:

“The sky does not judge the clouds. It simply is the space through which they move. It doesn’t make up stories about them. It doesn’t get upset about them. It is agenda-less. Non-interfering. It allows and accepts them just as they are. And yet it is in intimate contact with them, neither denying nor amplifying. It is completely inclusive.”

“Some clouds stay for a longer while. Sometimes they are stormy. The sky just lets them all pass through. No matter how big or dark or persistent or thunderous the clouds might be, the sky is not damaged or stained by them. The biggest storm eventually moves on. The sky is always balanced and free. Which means we can be free.”

With Heart Fluency, which offers a different orientation to one’s life experiences, the challenges become portals to a sense of awake-ness and well being. Feelings are not denied — instead they are “nourished” with compassion. One learns how to tap into the physical sensations of trauma without letting them become overwhelming, said Pardoe. Through practice, the neural networks and pathways should shift from the wound to connect to a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. In a “shift from head to heart,” the training gives one an opportunity to reclaim one’s innocence, yet with the added benefit of wisdom.

“Feelings are a combination of thoughts and sensations, and through awareness we can awaken the ‘heart mind’ — the intelligence of the heart,” he added. “The storm eventually moves on. The sky lets it pass through. I see us moving from the age of reason to the age of wisdom. If we learn to stabilize our orientation to life from the seat of mindful awareness, we can be completely free.”

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