Felicia Brann: Why I’m owning my own health

What if an illness is a message your body expresses to help you get back to basic cellular health? What if, at a minimum, that meant eating better and moving more?

In January 2019, my mom stepped off a plane from Connecticut to San Diego for a three-month visit. At 86, she was tired, cognitively impaired, and unable to engage. I was shocked to see her decline since she never hinted anything was wrong before her arrival. I remember standing there witnessing her frailty and telling myself “I don’t ever want to be in this position of poor health.”

Frankly, her health was never great. Wondering how the heck she made two plane changes, still standing, I was grateful for the grace of airport staff and her wheelchair. Within three days of arrival, she fell and was hospitalized. By mid-February, my mother entered the hospital again and never came home.