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Exploring continuity of consciousness in Grass Valley

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Do people persist in conscious awareness after death? Many people believe they do, many want to believe but have doubts, and some say death marks the end of personal existence.

Setting religious belief aside, is there evidence for continued existence after death?

In July series, the Tuesday morning Spiritual Exploration class offered at Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center will explore the evidence for Continuity of Consciousness. Each session meets 9:30-11 a.m. Tuesdays in July at Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley.

Three categories of evidence will be examined:

Near-Death Experiences: The phenomenon of the near death experience occurs when an individual experiences cessation of breathing and beating heart for an extended period of time and, upon revival, reports experiences such as being out of the body, seeing and interacting with friends or loved ones who are dead, or meeting loving beings who accompany and guide them. In many cases, the individual can accurately describe events that took place in the physical world while they “were gone.” On Tuesday, a guest speaker will share his own near death experience.

After-Death Communications: Is it possible to communicate with those who have died? We will look at the evidence from scientific investigations with mediums (those who act as an intermediary between the dead and the living) as well as episodes of direct communication between a person and a deceased loved one.

Children’s Spontaneous Memories of Past Lives: Drs. Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker, psychiatrists from the University of Virginia, have documented thousands of cases of children, as young as two years old, who report memories of previous lives. In a significant number of cases, the “previous personality” can be identified and the accuracy of the children’s assertions confirmed. Several fascinating case studies will be discussed.

The class will incorporate lecture, speakers sharing personal experiences, videos, and discussion. The public is welcome to attend this interesting and thought-provoking series.

Source: Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center

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