Patti Bess: Perseverance furthers

Steffen Snell has a passion for roasting coffee beans.

Steffen Snell has a passion for roasting coffee beans. He understands the nuances of flavors that can be elucidated from the raw beans by careful roasting and blending. At Outer Heaven Espresso in Nevada City, the new coffee house on Argall Way next to Jernigan’s restaurant, Snell is the co-owner and roaster. He uses his own 6-pound small batch coffee roaster. You’ll find no French roast at this shop. Steffen blends his own Native California roast.

Steffen started roasting coffee in 2014. Later he moved to Oakland and became a co-owner of the Alchemy Coffee Collective continuing to develop the art of roasting and blending coffee beans. Many of us remember his previous establishment, Foxhound Coffee House on Spring Street next to the Nevada City Winery. In 2019 he was forced to close the popular spot before the pandemic hit. Anyone who misses that important community space and great coffee, there is good news.

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