With teachers, students, and staff back to school, I find myself asking the age-old question, “where does the time go?” Summer weather took a while to get to us this year and I feel like I have barely begun to take advantage of these hot, sunny days. Here we are, already on the brink of autumn and I am not ready! But, ready or not, here it comes.

As a native East Coaster, I was culturally unprepared for a school term that began before Labor Day. It easily ranked as one of the more challenging adjustments to make when my own children began to attend houses of learning. It seemed barbaric to have children sitting indoors, behind desks, trying to absorb knowledge while the dog days of summer were still in the puppy stage. I felt for them, and I felt for the teachers (for oh so many more reasons than this). I grew up with summer break stretching past the first week of September and even that seemed too soon. It just didn’t feel like the end of summer! When I discovered the academics then decided to take a week off in October, I was boggled! How did any of this make sense?

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Hollie Grimaldi Flores