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Bitney Prep’s new volunteer club shines

What does a group of eager, high-energy students at Bitney Prep High School without a lot of job experience to put on their resumes do to build skills and gain experience? Well, aside from taking advantage of the full-day internship program at Bitney Prep, this group of students has also started a volunteer club

While Bitney Prep’s volunteer club is only a month old, they’ve already been plenty busy.

The group, known as the Bitney Helpers, recently worked a five-hour shift at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and helped set up cots and serve food with Sierra Roots. This Sunday, March 6, they will be working to clean up a portion of Ridge Road.

When talking about the Bitney Helpers, Bitney Prep 9th grader Sara Tolman says, “We want to do good and give back to the community. A lot of students at Bitney Prep and their families have been through hard times, and we know what it is like to need help and to appreciate help. We are hoping to give back, get a feeling of warmth from our actions, and reciprocate this help to people who need it.”

So often, the youth in our county feel that things are out of their control. They are bombarded by messages of suffering and pain. Whether it is the needs of the unhoused population, the exploding mental health and substance abuse issues, the local impacts of climate change, or the divisive nature of politcal and cultural discourse, today’s teens are bearing an inordinate brunt of the anxiety-inducing effects of these problems. Instead of retreating into nihilism or virtue-signaling on social media, this group of Bitney Prep students is out there in the community taking action. They see that they can have an impact and help create the world they want to live in.

“Bitney Prep High School is all about being a strong, positive community. Students here are encouraged to pursue their passions and make the school their own. We’re a group of students who are passionate about volunteering and are doing just that.” says Tolman.

Bitney Prep’s Director, Jonathan Molnar, is incredibly encouraged by the grit of these students. “We really hope to instill in our students that the way to confront seemingly insurmountable problems is by looking for solutions and taking real action. The Bitney Helpers are doing just that. They are setting an example for the rest of our students and, I believe, the community at large. If more people emulated the passion and wherewithal of these kids, Nevada County would be an even more incredible place to live.”

Currently, the Bitney Helpers have been reaching out and contacting local community organizations and nonprofits to see how they could help. If your organization is looking for a group of passionate, hard-working, and energetic teen volunteers, please contact Sara Tolman at stolman@bitneyprep.net

Source: Bitney Prep

If your organization is looking for a group of passionate, hard-working, and energetic teen volunteers, please contact Sara Tolman at stolman@bitneyprep.net.
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