Pictured here is Timber. The Master Gardeners of Nevada County will host a workshop called “Pet Friendly Gardening” on Saturday, April 8, at 10 a.m. at the Veteran’s Hall.

Did you purchase your donut seeds yet? Are you waiting for the rain to stop before you plant your spaghetti tree and whistling carrot seed? (The soil temperature needs to be very warm for whistling carrots to germinate.) April is here – no joke!

The arrival of April arises amidst a day for alliteration, hoaxes, jokes and a few gags here and there. A popular seed company catalog offers small donut shaped “seed” which can be planted by children, soon to be replaced by actual donuts. In 1957, the British Broadcasting Company reported that in Ticino, Switzerland, a family celebrated their spaghetti harvest from trees yielding ripe spaghetti – ready for picking and laying out to dry. Whistling carrots were featured in a 2002 ad by Tesco, a British food company, announcing the arrival of amazing genetically modified carrot seed yielding carrots with small “whistling” holes within the carrot. So, “what’s up, doc”?

Ann Wright is a Nevada County Master Gardener.