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A holiday message from Dr. Brian Evans

Twas the night before Christmas, and somewhere up on a hill,

Some people were stirring, because where there’s need, there is will.

Sierra Nevadans you see, don’t often take a day off,

And in this year, 2020, if you asked them, they’d scoff.

The screeners were screening, taking temps at each door,

And the guards were all guarding, patrolling each floor.

Nurses and Aides were busy, taking care of everything,

Treating patients, saving lives, and answering phones that ring.

The nutritional team was working, at a superhuman pace,

Whipping up meals and delivering, all over the doggone place!

The floors were all gleaming, thanks to the EVS team’s work,

And while Aaron drove the Zamboni, not a tile did he shirk.

Every basket had been emptied, and every doorknob was super-shined,

And that all needed doing, so this sentence would be rhymed.

Of course the plant ops team was there, with their tools and gear and stuff,

They kept the whole place running, even though often, it’s quite tough!

The SPD team washed and scrubbed, to keep equipment clean,

And our Registrationists greeted folks; they’re never EVER mean!

The laboratory people were drawing blood and running tests,

And this year there’s been testing!! Good thing our testers are the best!

The pharmacy techs and the pharmacists processed all the meds,

And they explained medications to everyone, even patients in their beds!

In the Family Birth Center, there were a couple cute babies (or three),

And down in Orthopedics, they were doing fancy carpentry!

The Home Health team was traveling, pretty much everywhere,

And the Wound Care staff were treating wounds, with pressurized oxygen air!

Our Oncology teams were curing people, with tremendous expertise,

And Respiratory Therapists helped folks breath, and gave them lots of ease!

In the Café, David was arranging salads with chunks of bacon,

And guess who was rounding? Our new(ish) Chief Nurse, Lori Katterhagen!

She talked to the patients, and she talked to her team,

She made everything better, she made everything gleam!

She’s a great new addition, to our beacon on the hill,

And if you ask her to help, her answer is “I will.”

Our Financial Officer, David Hall, wasn’t snuggled in his bed,

How could he be, when negative EBITDA margins were dancing in his head?

“2 plus 2 must be 5!” he said, while scratching on his chin,

“This year has been costly!” he complained, “I might start drinking gin!”

But his spirit was strong, his eyes were sharp, and his financial humor was great,

And he worked very hard, to keep us strong, and he often worked quite late.

Dr. Rosenburg rounded too, with the biggest heart there is,

And in all things medical, you know that he’s a whiz.

He brings all his compassion, and in every single way,

All the patients he serves, are in his heart, every day.

He’s a true Sierra Nevadan, for better or for worse,

And even though Folsom now shares him, we know that WE got him first.

Now Doctors! Now Nurses! Now Wound Care and Quality!

In the OR! In the ER! On Med/Surg and Tele!

From the helicopter pad to the old generator!

From the registration booths to the creaky elevator!

We opened in ’58 for the community we serve,

And if you wear the badge, you’ve got plenty of nerve.

From Ambulance to IT, it takes the whole team,

Care coordination and therapists, and running the PBX machine!

Down in Diagnostic Imaging, and in Cardiology,

Sierra Nevada’s got some experts, as anyone can see.

And don’t forget Shin Newsom’s work, all year long in 2020,

Because Employee Health has been getting slammed! And a normal year is plenty!

Our Nursing supes have been everywhere, and Educators too,

Our Materials team stocking everything! From plastic gowns to glue!

Human Resources gives us all support, and the Foundation team brings cheer,

Sierra Nevadans from all around, you got it done all year!

So as we gather ourselves, for what lies ahead,

The pandemic, or fires, or some other dread.

Know that I appreciate you, for all that you do,

Little things. Big things. And medium things too.

You’re the best team I’ve known, working with you is a thrill,

You are Great Sierra Nevadans. All of you. In this beacon on the hill.

Merry Christmas!

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