Informed. Local. Citizen |

Informed. Local. Citizen

The Union is a longstanding institution in western Nevada County; we have been delivering the news to this community for over 155 years and counting.  But we don’t just create newspapers, webpages and magazines, we create Informed. Local. Citizens.

What is an “Informed. Local. Citizen.”?

It is someone who takes the time to learn about the issues that are important to their community.  Someone who takes their civic duty seriously. Someone who knows the newspaper is the place to go to become knowledgeable about what is really happening.  Someone who knows social media might not have all of the information correct and will go to the professional source to learn the truth. Because truth matters.

We want to show you what the power of being an Informed. Local. Citizen. can do, and so in this campaign we will highlight local prominent subscribers’ concerns and causes, and ensure that those same concerns will be covered in depth by The Union in the coming year.

You can find out more by clicking through the web page below. This page will show the highlighted citizen’s causes, how they relate to editorial coverage or events we produce, and have other calls to action which support civic duty (which includes journalism), so that you, too, can become an Informed. Local. Citizen. 

Ways for readers to participate

  • Subscribe (or register)
  • Refer a friend to subscribe/register
  • Gift subscription
  • Donate to causes (ours too!)
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Volunteer at organizations
  • Vote
  • Participate in other newspaper services. Events, classifieds etc.
  • Write our elected officials
  • Attend government meetings/rallies
  • Opt-in to daily newsletter
  • Donate time/money to worthy local causes
  • Support your community radio stations

So many ways to be an Informed. Local. Citizen.