World-famous pet psychic champions ‘underdogs’ |

World-famous pet psychic champions ‘underdogs’

Tom Durkin
Special to The Union
Animal communicator Ursela Rabe relaxes at home in Penn Valley with her senior, special-needs rescue dog Marcel.
Photo by Tom Durkin |

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“I always pick the ones that are hardest to adopt out,” said Ursela Rabe of Penn Valley, cradling her latest rescue dog Marcel.

Not only is Marcel a rescue dog, he is a special-needs senior dog.

Marcel was found shaking, abandoned and near death in Watsonville a little over a year ago. Through the animal rescue network Center for Animal Protection and Education, Marcel was sent to Rabe because … she is reputed to be the best animal healer in the world.

According to a worldwide poll organized by Time Square Press, New York, in which 17,000 Lightworkers from 83 countries participated, Rabe was voted #1Best Animal Communicator, #1 Pet Psychic and #1 Animal Reiki Master/Healer in the world.

She is also recognized as the world’s #1 Best Flower Essence Practitioner, and #2 Feng Shui Master in the United States.

Meanwhile, under Rabe’s care, Marcel is now a happy little dog who knows he is loved. Although Marcel is deaf, partially blind, has had to have most of his teeth extracted, has heart problems and is of an uncertain elder age (at least 13 years), he scampers around Rabe’s model Feng Shui home like a puppy with a painless limp.

Rabe knows her time with Marcel is limited. He is her fourth senior special-needs rescue. She smiles as she remembers Jacques and Roselle, who she adopted.

She also fostered senior dog Buddy, whose hit-and-run horrific accident made headlines in 2013. After Buddy had healed in her care, he was adopted out to a loving family.

“I so loved their little grey muzzles,” Rabe said.

She said she chooses senior special-needs dogs to rescue, because, “They have a cherished place in my heart. They’re so vulnerable. I want to give them a peaceful retirement so that they can transition from this world feeling safe and loved.”

Like minds connect

While Rabe has a particular affection for older dogs, her lifelong passion and compassion extends to all animals, young and old.

As a professional animal communicator and psychic healer, Rabe helps people with pet problems.

“I try to keep it affordable,” she said.

“A friend referred Ursela to me,” said Kellen Fisher, who splits her time between Rough & Ready and the Bay Area.

Fisher was having trouble with her three rambunctious Pugs, especially Rocco.

“At first, Rocco wouldn’t go near her, but Ursela just sat on the floor and talked to him in that soft voice of hers,” Fisher said.

Finally, “he came to her and let her hold him in her arms,” she said.

He looked up at her curiously, like he was surprised that she understood him, she added.

Like many of Rabe’s clients, Fisher doesn’t know how Rabe does what she does, but the results are “amazing!”

With silent communication and case-specific flower essence combinations, Fisher said Rabe transformed all three Pugs into “model dogs.”

During Rabe’s house call, Fisher said they shared their mutual compassion for senior dogs.

Fisher, in fact, is in the process of creating Daisy’s Senior Paw Connection Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing senior dogs.

Fisher asked Rabe join the nascent nonprofit’s board of directors. Rabe readily agreed.

“It wasn’t until she gave me her business card that I realized who she really is,” Fisher laughed.

Who is Ursela Rabe?

At last count, Rabe has been written about in 15 books and 14 magazines in three languages (English, German and French) on at least two continents.

What’s more, her picture is featured on the cover of several of the publications, with more pictures, extensive articles and interviews inside many of the publications.

Rabe is on the cover of Volume Two of Maximillien de Lafayette’s formidable work “Early and Contemporary Spirit Artists, Psychic Artists and Medium Painters from 5,000 B.C. to the Present Day.”

Five of Rabe’s spirit paintings are featured inside the book.

Calling her “one of my favorite lightworkers,” de Lafayette wrote, “a brilliant mind, a heart made out of gold, and a spectacular esoteric-psychic talent define the persona of this extraordinary lady.”

In an insightful article in the May 2017 issue of “American Psychic & Medium” magazine, writer Liza Coleman called Rabe “a national treasure.”

Coleman noted that Rabe has degrees in international business and art. She is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and German, and she has conversational command of several other languages.

Coleman also wrote that Rabe has traveled to 63 countries, and lived and worked in eight nations on four continents.

“Yes, I’ve led a most interesting life,” Rabe said with a secretive smile as she petted her precious Marcel.

Since 2010, however, she has settled into a slightly more quiet life in Penn Valley. As an animal communicator she does everything from quieting unrest in a herd of goats to correcting improperly urinating cats to calming anxious horses to soothing screeching birds — to assisting human “guardians” ease their pet’s transition into the afterlife.

Tom Durkin is a freelance writer and photographer in Nevada County. Contact him at or

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