Winner, winner, chicken dinner: Sustainability handbook by Nevada City permaculture designer wins Nautilus Gold Book Award |

Winner, winner, chicken dinner: Sustainability handbook by Nevada City permaculture designer wins Nautilus Gold Book Award

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"The Living Earth Handbook: Creating Sustainability from the Inside Out" by Renee Wade has been named the Science & Cosmology Gold winner in the Nautilus Book Awards, an award celebrating books that inspire and connect people's lives as individuals, communities and global citizens.

The book

Sustainability is an issue of technology and policy — or is it? Every week we hear about new green innovations and strategies, and yet we remain awash in eroding topsoil, chemical toxins and greenhouse gases. We are still losing habitats and species at alarming rates.

Until we recognize that sustainability is an inside job — one that requires a change in our stories about the world — we will fail to quickly and fully implement the many solutions already surrounding us.

Our society is filled with stories that set us apart from nature. Fortunately, science is now uncovering an entirely different set of stories. We are learning about connections and synergies that were undreamed of just a decade ago.

These new stories show that humanity is part of the fabric of nature, part of Earth's evolving life, and that we each hold within us the ability to connect to a radical creativity — a creativity that is guided by our hearts even as it makes full use of our rational minds.

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As the climate of our planet begins to shift, moving us into the unknown, a path to a healthy and regenerative future is also opening. "The Living Earth Handbook" can guide you onto that path.

A book reading and signing will take place at The Open Book in Grass Valley at 7 p.m. Thursday. The book is available from Harmony Books in Nevada City or on Amazon.

About Nautilus Book Awards

Now completing its 20th year, Nautilus Book Awards is known for its dedication to excellence and high standards of both message and presentation, "recognizing and promoting print books that nurture positive change to co-create a Better World."

Winners are determined by a unique three-tier system of judging books against a carefully prepared list of notable characteristics, by three teams of highly qualified, experienced reviewers including editors, writers, librarians, schoolteachers, psychologists and bookstore owners.

About Renee Wade

Renee Wade is a certified Permaculture designer and landscaper with more than 20 years of on the ground experience.

She is the director of Bluebird Permaculture Farm, a microfarm growing nutrient-dense raspberries and pollinator-friendly, medicine-rich hedgerows.

The farm also serves as the experimental laboratory and demonstration site where Wade and her husband teach regular folks to be regenerative soil builders. "The Living Earth Handbook: Creating Sustainability from the Inside Out" is her first book.

Wade currently teaches a weekly nature-connection class for adults based on the principles explored in "The Living Earth Handbook."

Called "One/Shifting," the class offers opportunity to exercise and relax all the body's senses while connecting the rational mind to the intuitive. Wade lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband, Tom, their three dogs and two donkeys. She also serves on the Board of her rural community's small library.

For a full list of the Nautilus gold and silver winners, visit and

Source: Nautilus Book Awards

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