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What happens to Bowling Pins at the end of their lives?

Lindy Schasiepen
Submitted to Prospector
Prosperity Lanes has donated several pins to be decorated for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County fundraiser.
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Here you are at Prosperity Lanes enjoying a super fun time with your family and friends. The bowling balls are sliding down the alleys and sometimes even the gutters. There is friendly rivalry and cheers when you score a strike or a spare and condolences and laughter when you miss the pins completely.

I want to let you know what happens to the bowling pins after their days at the alley are over … those poor pins, battered and chipped, flung in all directions, knocked over and finally picked up only to receive more abuse. They eventually have had enough though and need to retire — what better way to end their usefulness as targets than as decorated pieces of art.

A few years ago Big Brothers Big Sisters had a very fun idea. As anyone who has been a part of a nonprofit organization knows, expenses need to be kept to a minimum and we needed to cover the costs of our annual bowling event. So the Painted Pin Showcase was born.

With some internet sleuthing we had found pins decorated by other nonprofits and thought we could generate interest among our local artists to create some masterpieces. The first year we had around 60 pins decorated and what a successful and amusing event it turned out to be.

So this year we again reached out to the artists at the Art Works Galley on Mill Street in Grass Valley and they agreed to create some amazing pins. Slowly more friends who heard of the project began to call and we also contacted the Art Department Teachers — Elizabeth Jens at Bear River High School and Terry Baxter at Nevada Union High School.

Before we knew it we had 150 pins as a part of our Silent Auction and Painted Bowling Pin Showcase.

With so many pins to display we had the enviable problem of finding a location to hold this event. We contacted The Curious Forge Makerspace at 13024 Bitney Springs in Nevada City, as we had heard fantastic reports of their space and they agreed to let us use their Low Bay area. If you have not seen The Curious Forge Makerspace yet, now would be a great opportunity to check it out.

This free event will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday and interested guests can bid on the most amazing pins. Each one decorated, collaged or painted and of course unique. Celebrated local professional artists and art students will present their creations and you will be able to purchase a piece of whimsical art for a good cause.

Snacks and beverages will of course be provided and an afternoon of smiles. My “Hat Pin” is complete — and ready for viewing!

For more information call 530-263-5156 or visit http://www.bigsofnc.org.

Source: Lindy Schasiepen, and The Staff and Board Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County

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