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Uncomfortable subject: Author to sign book about embracing the end of life

Patt Lind-Kyle

KNow & Go

What: Book release/signing party with Patt Lind-Kyle for her book Embracing the End of Life — A Journey Into Dying & Awakening

Where: Esterly Hall, 336 Crown Point Circle, Grass Valley

When: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday

Information: Books will be available to purchase as well as on Amazon. More information available at pattlindkyle.com.

Patt Lind-Kyle didn’t plan to write a book about dying, but her own fear of death — combined with her background as a psychologist, hospice volunteer, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain and When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up, and life-long meditator — prompted her to take a closer look at a topic many people avoid.

The result is Embracing the End of Life — A Journey Into Dying and Awakening, a book that strives to provide the understanding and structure needed for people to be comfortable with preparing for the inevitable end of life journey now, while we are actively living our lives.

Patt Lind-Kyle provides an overview of her book, which will be available in bookstores and online beginning Friday.

Why are most people so uncomfortable talking about death?

A hundred years ago or so, everybody lived on the land, so watching animals and elders die was common. Throughout rural America, family cemeteries on private property were common. As our society became less rural and more urban, we moved death into hospitals—where the focus became life at any cost—and mortuaries. Hospice attempts to bridge the gap between living at all costs and dying with dignity, but most of us are in denial about death and resist what is inevitable. In third-world countries, death is still visible and people are much more accepting of the birth-life-death cycle. The problem is that people tend to fear what they don’t understand.

How can we overcome the belief that death is the enemy, something to put off as long as possible?

You and I will attempt heroic medical intervention because we view death as an enemy that we must fight and overcome. However heroically we fight death, death will still win. Many of us say that we want to accept death when it comes. Accepting death sounds simple, but there is still fear and it will be a deep challenge. Rather than running away from death as the basic option, the challenge is to discover if there is a possibility of facing it.

How can your book be about both dying and awakening?

The book is divided into two basic topics. The first half of the book talks about how to prepare for death. It covers the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the process; the stages of resistance; how even thinking about death causes us to suffer; and what it means to let go. I also cover what happens during the last moments of life and how you can prepare yourself and your loved ones for this journey. The second half of the book is essentially a guide to living and making our journey here on earth one of expansion and freedom, rather than constriction.

What do you mean by the constricted and expanded self?

Most of us are driven by our left-brain personality, or what is typically referred to as the ego or the constricted self. We die in the right brain, which primarily houses the expanded self—the part of us that is free of language and judgments and full of positive emotions, intuition and awareness. The more we can move out of our constricted self into our expanded self, the easier it will be to accept our physical death.

What is the pathway to freedom?

The pathway to freedom is through waking up to love, forgiveness, gratitude and appreciation. Of course this is not a simple task, but there are many tools to help you clear negative emotions and create an awareness of your expanded self. Throughout the book, there are exercises and meditations that serve to guide you through a complete understanding of the conscious living and dying process. I have created 16 free bonus videos that accompany this path to freedom section that includes, color, binaural beats for the brainwaves, the sound of the color and my voice guiding an inward exploration. The most powerful of these tools is meditation, which opens the heart and creates the awareness necessary to bring more kindness and light into our lives.

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