Tool maintenance workshop today! |

Tool maintenance workshop today!

Ann Wright


WHAT: “Fear the Rust: Garden Tool Maintenance” workshop presented by Nevada County Master Gardeners

WHEN: 10 a.m. to noon today, Oct. 14.

WHERE: Demonstration Garden at Nevada Irrigation District Business Grounds, 1036 W. Main St.

INFO: Visit the website at for more details.

Once gardening activities slow down, autumn is a good time to take stock of garden tools. Find out what tools need some care.

Inspect tools for nicks, damage and rust, which weakens metal. Having tools in good repair when needed again makes the next job that much easier.

Join Nevada county master Gardeners for a workshop today: “Fear the Rust: Garden Tool Maintenance.”

Learn how to prepare tools for storage — avoid the rust.

Find out techniques for sharpening tools and the equipment needed to keep tools in great shape for future gardening projects.

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