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‘The Soul of Blues in Picture & Paint’ — Mike Shea & Ron Kenedi showcased at the Nevada City Winery in Nevada City

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Ron Kenedi's art for this installation is all on American 20th century musicians who influenced today's popular music.
Photo by Ron Kenedi |

The Artist of the Month at Nevada City Winery is a two-man show by photographer Mike Shea and painter Ron Kenedi. Titled “The Soul of the Blues in Picture and Paint,” the exhibit showcases both the artists’ profound love for the blues and their artistic talents.

Ron Kenedi presents large, oil painted images of the seminal performers who captured the American 20th century musical energy that heavily influenced today’s popular music. These blues, jazz, gospel and early rock artists have provided the creative fuel for Kenedi’s artwork.

His artwork takes on a look and feel that is representative of his life’s diverse influences. His style that is mostly figurative, focusing on presenting the essence of the subject.

The goal of each piece is to set a mood and tell a story that requires the viewer to participate on a visceral and intellectual level.

“I want the artwork to be a catalyst for the viewer’s own interpretation and provide meaning beyond the work itself,” he said.

Mike Shea said he is lucky to be able to combine two of his passions, music and photography. Music has always been an essential part of his life. His first love was rock ‘n’ roll, but he was blown away when first exposed to the blues.

When photographing musicians, he seeks to capture an image that shows his interpretation of the musician’s on-stage personality and the communion between the musician and his or her instrument and the audience.

He would like the viewer to get a sense of the energy, emotion, concentration and showmanship that makes us want to go hear and see the person in the first place. He thinks of his photos as live performance portraits.

Opening Reception will be from 5-7 p.m. Friday at Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring Street. Jim Bratt will be playing the blues for the reception.

The art exhibit will be available for viewing daily throughout the month.

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