Take a trip to 1912: San Francisco Mime Troupe performs, ‘Seeing Red: A Time Travel Musical’ at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City | TheUnion.com

Take a trip to 1912: San Francisco Mime Troupe performs, ‘Seeing Red: A Time Travel Musical’ at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City

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The San Francisco Mime Troupe was founded in 1959. They create and produce socially relevant theatre of professional quality and perform before the broadest possible audience.
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WHAT: Paul Emery and the Miners Foundry Present The San Francisco Mime Troupe ~ “Seeing Red: A Time Travel Musical”

WHEN: Doors open at 6:30 p.m., music at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Friday

WHERE: Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City

TICKETS: Cost is $20 and tickets are available online at www.minersfoundry.org, in person at the Miners Foundry and BriarPatch Coop, or by calling 530-265-5040

Paul Emery and the Miners Foundry present the Tony Award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe in a special twilight performance, outdoors, at the Miners Foundry on Friday.

Kicking off their 59th season, the San Francisco Mime Troupe serves up laughs and provides a surprising history of American Socialism from the perspective of a time traveling Trump voter, in the political satire “Seeing Red.”

Written by Rotimi Agbabiaka with Joan Holden, with music and lyrics by Ira Marlowe, “Seeing Red” features Mime Troupe veterans Lisa Hori-Garcia, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Michael Gene Sullivan, as well as Andre Amarotico.

Founded in 1959, the San Francisco Mime Troupe creates and produces socially relevant theatre of the highest professional quality and performs it before the broadest possible audience. San Francisco Mime Troupe makes sense of the headlines by identifying the forces shaping our lives and dramatizing the operation of these giant forces in small, close-up stories that make audiences feel the impact of political events on personal life. They perform everywhere from public parks to palaces of culture, aiming to reach the broadest possible audience.

“Seeing Red” opens on Election Night 2018 and Bob swears she’ll never vote again. Decades of watching her town get devastated by falling wages and outsourced factories has made this former Obama voter take a chance on the new guy promising change — Donald J. Trump. But it’s two years into his presidency and Bob’s still waiting to start winning.

Tonight, she’s drowning her sorrows at the neighborhood bar, telling anyone who’ll listen that all politicians are liars, the system is rigged, and nothing’s ever gonna change.

Along comes a mysterious stranger with an intriguing offer. He’ll show her an America where working people of all races and genders come together to demand a brighter future, where socialism isn’t a dirty word. He’ll take her all the way — to 1912.

As Bob finds herself back in the heyday of the American Socialist Party, she realizes that she may have more in common with those blue-state progressives.

She begins to ask: What will it take to get people to stop voting against their interests? How do we overcome the divide-and-conquer tactics that keep us all down? When did America’s electoral choices get so limited? And isn’t it time to get off the swinging pendulum that’s left us at our current impasse?

Source: Miners Foundry Cultural Center

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