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Suzie Daggett: Wonder of life

Suzie Daggett

When you consider the curious nature of our human life, a sense of wonder and perhaps, magic could enter the picture. Every day in countless ways, a bit of wonder finds us.

Perhaps you ask your parking angels when headed to a crowded town for a parking space. People say they will not go to a restaurant downtown because “parking is so difficult.” Really? I rarely have a problem parking because I call in my parking angels. They are quite efficient at opening up just the right space at the right time. I am not the only one using this effective manner of finding parking spaces … many of you do the same.

Looking for a sign

It is common for people to ask for prayers when a loved one needs help. I have heard of many people being healed by the power of intentional directed prayer or healing ceremonies. Every culture and belief system has ways to tap into the energy of the one in need. This is a beautiful loving way to assist someone.

After a death in the family, we may ask for a sign from the deceased. It might be a penny, a certain bird, a special song, a rainbow or many other imaginative items.

Shortly before a friend’s mom died, she asked her mom what her sign would be and the answer was a butterfly. My friend figured she would not see her mom’s sign for a while since it was not butterfly season.

Yet, the day after her mom passed, she had lunch with a friend wearing a butterfly on her sweater. That’s a quick and loving sign!

My sign from my dad is an unexpected swoosh of wind, while my mom leaves feathers in my path. Each time I see or experience these events, it brings me a deep sense of love, wonder and gratitude.

I use a “present” angel when shopping for a present. I walk into the store and concentrate on the person’s energy I am purchasing for. I ask my angels to show me what they may like. Almost immediately, just the right present comes into my view. Shopping like this is quite effective, fast and easy.

Lighting the way

You can invite a sense of wonder into your life with these ways:

Cultivating a sense of wonder about what the universe can offer. This lights the way for profound interest in asking or receiving even little things like finding keys when lost. Keeping your options open to other ways to see and feel besides our specific scientifically based body or mind makes wonder part of your everyday life.

There are many names for this universal energy stemming purely from love and kindness. Your free will is still part of the package, but by asking and receiving, you are engaging a helpmate on the other side of life. Find the name you resonate with and use it.

Having a deep abiding belief that your angels or your deceased loved ones are listening and working for your benefit makes for wonder. If you ask as a joke or to get something unnecessary, without feeling the love, most likely, your request will go unheard.

If you ask and then doubt, the parking place (or what you are asking for) is gone. Trust is important. It takes time to cultivate asking, trusting and receiving. Practice with a smile.

Lastly, remain grateful to this two-way conversational possibility.

Upon receiving, immediately thank the stars, your angels, your passed loved ones, your God. Gratitude is the reason your angels will actively listen and respond.

Imagine them saying “You are listening and are grateful, we will help you again!” How wonderful is that?

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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