Suzie Daggett: What does your soul need? |

Suzie Daggett: What does your soul need?

Suzie Daggett

Ah, the soul — do you believe you have a soul? Are you a solid believer, on the fence, or, a complete non-believer? The soul’s existence is nebulous at best, constantly debated, unseen, mysterious, and magical.

I believe I am an eternal soul ensconced temporarily in a human body fully equipped with an ego. I feel I am learning the many facets of love and its counterpart fear here on Earth. My soul is an invisible, eternal guidance system. When I listen to my inner soul via my intuition, long and short-term life changes are dynamic.

The discovery of what your soul needs verses what your ego wants, brings delight, surprise and sometimes, a visible sense of wonder. When you start actively listening to your soul’s needs, a different world emerges. You are under the guidance of something larger, something “more” which feels compellingly mystical and cannot be explained. You step into an unusual zone of discovery.

Will you find what you are looking for? If interested, will you have the trust, patience, awareness, courage, dedication, desire and active inner listening skills to move from your naturally loud ego voice to quiet soul centered awareness?

Soul discovery equals change. By questioning your soul needs, you will be lighter and more content as you become conscious of the variety of choices available in your life.

Listening to your soul

To hear your soul needs:

Ask yes or no questions — this involves quietly and sincerely asking your soul what you need and trusting the yes or no answer immediately heard. If there is a pause, your ego will insert its opinion, which is different from your soul needs.

Ask questions like: does my body need protein or carbohydrates; shall I go to town via the freeway or local streets; what color is best for me to wear today, red or yellow; shall I work with this company doing administration tasks; shall I marry this person and much more.

Be specific in your questioning and then with courage, follow the guidance received. Note: the answer may not be what you want to hear.

Be neutral — when following your soul guidance, stay neutral and open to all experiences whether exceptional or ordinary. Once you expect something to happen, you pop into the world of ego wanting.

If you get the soul “yes” to take a job and it turns into a disappointment rather than excitement, figure out what you learned (maybe you needed to know that field was not for you).

If you wear red and it does not attract the mate you want, do not fret. You are practicing the art of listening to your soul.

Slow down — take frequent reflective pauses and deep belly breaths to be in the moment as you switch from your noisy, busy ego to quiet listening.

Look up at the sky and marvel at what is unseen. This can switch your brain from noise to quiet quickly.

Turn down outside influences and noise — it is hard to hear your soul when your external world is filled with noise. Keep the need for radio, TV and the internet a low priority.

Find your way to being quiet through meditation, exercise, creative outlets or prayer.

Be grateful — your guides, angels and the universe at large love to know you are listening. By responding to the whispers of your soul and taking actions from the guidance heard, a sincere thank you is in order.

More soul assistance will come your way when gratitude is heartfelt.

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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