Suzie Daggett: The universe & free will |

Suzie Daggett: The universe & free will

I feel I have a choice every day when presented with a nudge by the universe to do or not do something. I also have and use my free will. I could have ignored the voice in my heart when I heard the words, “there is the man I will marry” yet I followed through and he agreed as well.

We could have said no when presented with the odd idea we would and could have children after 18 years of marriage. With our free will, we opted to have children and we deeply love them.

I could have ignored the signals I heard when a doctor advised I have my broken elbow set. He further explained I would have limited mobility and arthritis. I went my own way and ignored his thoughts. I did my own healing on it and it is 100 percent healed. These are a few examples of how the universe stepped in and changed direction in my life. And how I acted with free will.

Trying to understand the universe

What and who is the universe? I am certainly not qualified to answer that question and few are. I believe it comes down to an individuals’ expectation of life.

For me, the universe brings a feeling of protection, awareness, knowledge, gentle love and above all, a magnificent learning agent. When I tune in to it, my life makes sense and gets easier.

I do not fight the muck in the tide rather I float with ease in the middle of the stream. I do not make expectations that my sense of timing for events to occur is right, although I wish it were.

When things are ready to shift and the timing for the shift is correct for you, it will happen. Many times not necessarily in your time frame.

The universe sees the whole picture of your life while you are focused on this little nugget in front of you, believing it is what you need. However, there is a far-reaching element about life that we humans cannot grasp.

When we give our decisions to the universe, blended with our free will, marvelous moments can occur in life. As I reflect back, I see that each incident was for my benefit, allowing me to grow in new and beneficial ways.

Determining your free will

What is free will? Again, I am not qualified to give you a true, right or philosophical answer.

My brain does not work well in those arenas. I report what works for me, and what I hear works for others.

For some, free will is hogwash and for others they use it to their advantage.

My simple definition is that when using my free will, I give consideration to what is in front of me and make a valued determination of which way I want to proceed. I choose my course of action.

Most of the time it has taken me to the right road, sometimes the road is rough, sometimes smooth. I reflect on the lesson learned when I took the wrong turn.

Did I hear a warning signal before I jumped in? Did I feel I was right (this is an ego driven response) or did I feel it would benefit me to turn right rather than left?

My beliefs are mine, as yours are specifically for you. Take into account how you meander or force your way through life.

If you are filled with ease, you are on the right track with the universe and free will. If you are filled with angst and worry, take a look at what is causing your fears. If possible, find what brings you peace.

For me, that is a good combination of listening to the universe as well as my free will.

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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