Suzie Daggett: The art of allowing |

Suzie Daggett: The art of allowing

Vacationers sit in their blue canoe on the river Havel in Potsdam, eastern Germany, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017. (Ralf Hirschberger/dpa via AP)
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Is there a difference between allowing something to occur in its own time or pushing hard to make it happen in a forceful manner?

I believe there is quite a difference.

When you make space for allowing life to unfold in its natural time verses trying too hard, you invite a level of trust in the Universe to assist you in your life.

Pushing or forcing a project puts you in a path of pretending to know what is best in the moment or for the future.

You continue doing your busy creative work, then comes the moment of being, where you tune in to when to act rather than react, all the while trusting you are on the right path.

However, if you can relax and let a natural flow occur, magic may unfold. Problems are solved with ease, issues that seemed insurmountable dissolve and an answer appears in front of you.

I was lucky to discover this path years ago when I was selling real estate.

When I ran into a bump in the road, big or small, I would allow the bump to sit over night or maybe even for two nights and then, somehow the issue was solved. And, it was solved in a manner in which I could not fathom or create or push.

After that, I practiced the art of allowing more often.

Establishing this practice is not always smooth or easy, as our society insists that we push through, tough it out, find an answer even it if does not make sense right then and there, just get it done!

Allowing is not procrastination, nor laziness, nor hopeful thinking. Rather, it is a grown up acceptance of knowing things turn out if you allow them.

You continue doing your busy creative work, then comes the moment of being, where you tune in to when to act rather than react, all the while trusting you are on the right path.

When you bring allowing into your world, you do not just sit back and let life happen — rather, you become a conscious creator of when you are bumping up against a rough brick wall of pushing rather than a pliable, malleable surface with an answer.

With the brick wall, you back off. With an adaptive thought, you watch and wait.

You know the song, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream”? The idea is to let your individualized boat, canoe or kayak float down a stunning river, enjoying colorful singing birds, vibrant flowers and towering trees.

With this attitude, you will not get stuck in swirling endless eddies or sucked under a hidden deadly rock, or be deposited onto a steep rocky unforgiving shore.

Remain gentle with yourself as you visualize this simple analogy of floating with ease down a river, in the sunshine, with plentiful greenery around you.


If you want to allow a life of ease and flow, here are a few tips:

Believe the concept of allowing is real and achievable for you. Put aside the “shoulds” of life that are imposed by society. Take time to breathe into doing your project in a more natural flow rather than artificial push.

Start by doing something small ­— if you are pushing hard to start a project and you keep getting waylaid, take a break. If your computer slows down or stops, turn it off and go outside. Wait for the right timing to occur and your project will be done in a snap.

Record your successes and failures. Reflect on whether you actually allowed a flow to occur or you were secretly hoping you could push it in another way.

Keep the “boat” analogy in your consciousness to stay the course. Watch when and why you get pulled to old habits.

Smile often, knowing an unseen helper supports you.

I personally love a life of allowing and flow — I have given up the need to push and the result is always beneficial. Good luck with the art of allowing.

Suzie Daggett spins real life advice with ageless wisdom. The result? Life flows, your soul and ego balance, your intuition amps up. Suzie is a teacher, writer and intuitive business consultant. Her newest book is The Pink Door-Moms’ Journey to the Other Side.

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