Suzie Daggett: Relaxing through the holidays |

Suzie Daggett: Relaxing through the holidays

During the holiday ‘doings’ you might be rushing about buying, creating, resolving, attending, and accomplishing a long list of seemingly important to do’s.

You remain intense and focused as your day unfolds. You feel the need to be a shining star as you volunteer, decorate, make cookies, wrap presents, attend functions and bask in the joy of the season.

Your thoughts are filled with what do I need to do next and where IS my list? Your phone rings alerting you to a new activity. Every moment is given to forward frenzied motion. Whoa! This is entirely too much for your precious body, mind and spirit!

When you find yourself in a pattern of doing and overdoing, it is time for a reset, a moment of Zen. Especially when you feel there is no time to relax.

Relaxation is proven to help your body and mind counter the daily go, go, go stresses and the constant flight or fight syndrome. When you do not give your body needed breaks, you are prone to a wide array of issues from heart disease, stroke, the common cold or flu.

Your immune system starts breaking down as your stress level climbs, creating dis-ease.

However, if you give yourself the opportunity to eat good fresh food, sleep deeply, exercise regularly, say no when appropriate, pay attention to your specific inner needs rather than external pressures and nurture yourself, life can change for the better.

Tips & tricks to relax

To relax, consider this:

Close your eyes and with your imagination, scan your body and mind. Are you tense, is your jaw tight, are your muscles like rigid steel, is your mind whirling with unnecessary weedy thoughts? Are you over-busy with holiday preparations?

If you found two or more of the above true, you need a break. You need to relax and rest — even for five minutes. When you change your too busy nature, you will begin to operate in a more optimum physical, mental and soulful manner.

Make a list by jotting down what brings you to a point of relaxing — reading, watching movies, attending concerts, taking a long meandering walk, playing a musical instrument, creating art, writing, meditating, breathing deeply, chanting, gardening, walking the dog or taking a nap — the options are endless.

Make a second list of what commitments are causing you unnecessary stress.

Can you have others share in the preparation of meals, pass on a volunteer’s need, turn off negative news which puts you in a funk, put all your devices in another room for an hour, gracefully say no to a project which does not suit you or shop locally forgoing the over stimulation of malls? Again, the list is endless.

Be honest as you jot down your first thoughts for both lists. Put your lists side by side. Reread them absorbing the differences from the lists.

You might be surprised by your doing (stresses) or being (relaxing). Focus on what makes your life relaxing and what makes you uptight.

When you are ready — take action! Delete at least one item on your second list (stresses) and add more to the first list (relaxing).

Go slow, taking small steps to remember the delight of the holidays, which bring you comfort, wonder and sweet memories.

When you add relaxation, your inner being, spirit and soul will thank you with renewed energy and a zest for a life.

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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