Suzie Daggett: Get some sleep! |

Suzie Daggett: Get some sleep!

The need for a good night’s sleep has taken me on an investigative journey. I love my sleep, I need my sleep, yet there are many nights when the ease of sleeping eludes me. And, I am not the only one!

Judging from casual conversations with friends, many people are in my predicament. Either they cannot get to sleep, or they go to sleep only to wake within an hour of two or they do a constant toss n’ turn for hours until sleep comes in the early a.m.

Waking up without a restful sleep can make you feel groggy, tired and unfocused.

Research about the complexity of sleep issues shows many factors and reasons for sleep problems. You could be one of the 30 percent of Americans who have sleep disruptions from either chronic pain, sleep apnea, a partner’s snore routine, extra loud circular thoughts, anxiety, nervous twitchy legs, an old uncomfortable bed, confounding insomnia, short term jet lag, narcolepsy and so much more.

I prefer not to name or claim my sleep issue (there can be more than one reason I am sleepless), rather I accept when I can’t sleep well and am more than grateful when gifted a valued night’s sleep.

When I have a sleepless night, I am amazed at my ability to function after a potentially grumpy first hour. In my research, I continue to embrace new ideas to garner a better night’s sleep.

I ask everyone’s advice — medical doctors, healing arts practitioners, herbalists, friends, neighbors and casual acquaintances what they do to sleep well and what remedies work for them. And, advice comes in all packages.

A herbalist suggested a nightly foot rub to help relax my body when it does not want to settle down, and it works. I have used a few different medical marijuana products, which help to some degree. Because the Cannabidiol (CBD) oils used are not endangering my body, I will continue to investigate to find the right remedy and dosage. I have used sleeping pills, which work some of the time. Nighty-night is a favorite benign tea, which helps most of the time.

Homeopathic remedies have value, especially coffee cruda for my whirling mind. I have tried various and sundry sprays, elixars and powders, exercises, melatonin, holistic solutions, acupuncture, qigong and chiropractic.

I have stopped eating sugar/chocolate at night (darn!), set a normal bed time, listened to soothing sleep inducing music, meditated, removed electronically bothersome blue lights from the bedroom (no TV in our bedroom), got up and cleaned the kitchen and breathed deeply during sleepless moments.

Nothing works 100 percent of the time. I figure this sleep issue is reflective of life in general: on some days, life flows with a gentle welcoming ease and other days brings a vague sense of struggle and lack of focus.

I have learned that what works one night may not work the next. The ability to sleep or not sleep does not rule my life. I allow when the energies are right for deep sleep as well as when the energies of life are sending me down the disruptive sleep trail.

If you are one of the sleepless, I wish you peaceful sleep and rest tonight and many nights to come!

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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