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Suzie Daggett: Energetic attractions

Suzie Daggett

Several years ago, we started mulling over an idea about moving from our established home of 40 years to be close to our kids.

On a trip to visit them, I picked up a glossy Real Estate magazine. Thumbing though it I found one page, which peaked my attention.

Scanning the 30 colorful agent photos, I settled on one person who attracted me. I passed the magazine to my husband and asked whom he would want to work with. He picked the same person.

Later that day, we randomly went to an open house and lo and behold, there was Paula, the realtor whose picture we were attracted to! We had found just the right person to represent us when we were ready to buy.

We were not surprised by this serendipitous set of circumstances. Knowing we are supported by unseen energies is normal for us.

We accept that an energetic attraction, seen or hidden from view is real and the results are shown to us when we pay attention. This kind and hopeful energy exchange has been proven many times in our lives.

Forty-nine years ago, an energetic attraction drew me to my husband. Immediately upon seeing him, I said to myself: “Oh there is the man I am going to marry.”

Within a millisecond my intuitive soul directed me and I listened. I was not actively looking for a partner, nor was he. Yet, our souls had an agreement to meet and we gratefully paid attention.

As a family, we visualize an energy bubble to keep us safe in travels or new experiences. Text messages to family members to double bubble, seems to keep us out of harms way. We believe a colorful pulsating bubble surrounding cars, bikes, planes or trains creates a barrier of energy deflecting harm.

Are these situations part of a soul agreement, an energy vibe, karma, coincidence, being in the flow or simple dumb luck? I really do not know. Your answer will point to a basic belief you carry regarding the mystery of life.

I believe I am guided by a loving entity I call “Source,” “The Universe” or God. I pay attention in the moment to my inner awareness, my intuitive guidance and my soul needs, which I believe are directed by the majesty of the unseen universe.

Perhaps you are guided by unseen energies. Here are a few instances you might recognize:

When out of the blue you think of a friend and then, moments later, they call, you are in the flow.

When you go to a party and with little effort, drift to chat with a person who looks interesting, that is energy drawing you together.

When you get the vibe to stay away from someone, that is energy protection.

When you walk in a store with the intention to buy a red dress that fits you perfectly, and you see it hanging in a circle of other dresses, that is an energetic moment.

An energetic attraction is not forced or conjured, nor can you create a situation to happen. It occurs naturally, is unexpected and feels easy. It feels like a fit rather than trying to put a electric cord into a receiver the wrong way.

When you reflect on the times you have been in the zone of energy attractions, you might recognize the unique quality of the unseen.

Take time to feel into the situation and be grateful for the experience.

Suzie Daggett is a writer and speaker. Her newest book is “The Pink Door: Moms’ Journey to the Other Side” where she shares her thoughts about the passage from life to death. She can be reached at or

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