Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital offers group exercise classes for those with Parkinson’s disease |

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital offers group exercise classes for those with Parkinson’s disease

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Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital understands that every patient has different needs.

For patients at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital with Parkinson’s disease, the hospital is offering a free exercise class every Friday that is open to the community to help those with Parkinson’s disease stay active and have confidence in their movements.

“Exercise is good for everyone, but for those that are dealing with Parkinson-like diseases, regular exercise has been shown to help maintain a higher level of independence,” said Stephanie Perry, rehabilitation services supervisor at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. “Our focus is on helping people improve their balance, ability to walk and to help prevent falls in a supportive community environment.”

Studies have shown that exercise may help to slow down the loss of muscle and bone mass. The class offered at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital is founded on the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment BIG principles and is open to anyone with Parkinson’s or a Parkinson’s-like condition.

The program is based on current research that emphasizes exercises designed to specifically address the mobility challenges in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Classes will be held from 12:30-1 p.m. every Friday at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, 11815 Education St., Conference Room A, Auburn.

The class is free but the hospital encourages guests to register by contacting the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Rehabilitation Department at 530-889-6088.

In addition to attending the exercise group, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital offers the below tips for helping to reduce falls at home:

Remove clutter

Tack down or tape all rug edges

Wear proper, secure footwear

Use a slip resistance mat at your sink and in the tub

Use a night light

Install and use grab bars

Most of all, stay active

For more information about the exercise group, call 530-889-6088 or visit

Source: Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital

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