Sean Jordan: Teach a man to fish … |

Sean Jordan: Teach a man to fish …

Growing up I was exposed to almost every outdoor activity you could imagine, but there is one activity I have yet to try — fly fishing.

I spent many days of my youth fishing rivers, lakes and even oceans.

My silly fear is that while I’m whipping the line back and forth, as fly fishers do, I will catch either my own body or hook someone else.

I witnessed someone getting a hook caught in their cheek and though it was relatively painless (from what they told me) it still wasn’t a pretty sight.

The last thing anyone needs is to go out to the river, get all set up, and on their first cast, hook their face. Nothing peaceful about that.

But there is something special about fly fishing. I have seen countless videos, photos and other related media showing some angler casting their line like it is the most blissful thing on the planet. The way the line flickers in the sunlight, the light wispy sounds on each movement of the rod, and of course being in nature with nothing around you but the birds and the bees… and the fish too — sounds serene.

Maybe it’s the lighting, as usually the best times to fish are coincidentally the best times to take pictures, or maybe it’s something else.

Have these river anglers figured out the trick to serenity? Maybe. They certainly look like they are at peace.

My most memorable fishing moment was when I went to Alaska with my mom and grandfather. I must have been around 10-12 years old at the time and it was an incredible trip.

The three of us were on a chartered boat for about a week with our captain and two other customers.

I wasn’t all that popular on the boat as I was the youngest but more importantly, I was the only one to land a halibut and a king salmon in the same day.

One of the older gentlemen on the boat was a little disgruntled that my line seemed to be the only one getting bites, so he started to mess with me.

He would come over and stand behind me while I was looking out at the line to see if any nibbles were happening and this prankster decided it would be funny to tap the grip of my rod every once in a while to see how quickly I would jump to reel in my line.

It didn’t work. What he didn’t know was that patience is my strong suit.

Maybe that is the key. Patience.

All these fisherman seem like they unlocked the secret to the universe with patience. It does take a lot of patience to stand in a river with a line and a hook, hoping to bag a fish.

Think about it. Who in their right mind would get up at dawn and stand in a river with no guarantee of catching anything? Someone with a lot of patience, that’s who.

All jokes aside, I am captivated by fly fishing and would love to learn how it’s really done.

And as we are approaching some of the best fishing of the year, as The Union columnist Denis Peirce is saying, maybe my long awaited day has come.

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