Sean Jordan: Predicting the future |

Sean Jordan: Predicting the future

The Golden Globes and Grammy’s, among a few other award ceremonies, have come and gone and now we are headed to the biggest event of them all … My birthday.

Just kidding, my birthday really isn’t all that important to me, but it never fails that this time of year I am typically spoiled with all the entertainment going on.

First we have the Super Bowl, then it’s the Winter Olympics, then the Oscars, then, then, then, it seems to never end.

With all the buzz in the air about who will win what, I like to try and predict the outcomes that will happen over the next few weeks.

For the Super Bowl, I think the Patriots are going to win. It will be a close game, like last year, and I have a sense that it will be a hard-fought battle. The Eagles were strong all year but without Carson Wentz leading the team, I just don’t see them pulling out a win.

Sorry Eagles fans, but I think ol’ Tom Brady is going to take home another ring, which is getting hard for him as he is running out of fingers to put them on.

Next, I think we will see several gold medals won by our talented athletes representing our country.

There are a handful of Olympians who are from Tahoe and the surrounding areas, some of which I competed against in my youth, and I wish them all the very best of luck. Go Team USA!

After the Olympics will be the prestigious Oscars and I have a strong feeling about who the winners will be after seeing several of the films myself.

My wife and I saw “The Shape of Water” last weekend and it was by far one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. Not beautiful like scenery, but beautiful in the sense that this story moves you in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

My wife cried the entire time and I can count on one hand the number of times she has cried over a movie — this one is special.

I do believe that “The Shape of Water” will sweep some of the categories — with 13 nominations so far, it’s hard not to think that.

I have yet to see “Phantom Thread” and “The Post” both of which I feel will be equally as good but in different ways.

These are just a few of my predictions for the festivities over the next month and as I inch closer to my birthday, I can’t help but feel that this year is going to be a great one.

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