Sean Jordan: Inspiration everywhere |

Sean Jordan: Inspiration everywhere

The Oscars have ended and I feel pretty good about most of the picks I made regarding who would take home the gold.

I was very happy to see team “Coco” bring home not one but two little golden statues home — one for Best Animated Feature and another for Best Original Song. Well done and congrats!

Our community is constantly impressing me. We have very talented and creative people here and it warms my heart to see their efforts gain such recognition.

Film has been a huge influence on my life and I tend to analyze every inch of each film I watch. I wonder why the director made the decision to shoot a scene a certain way, or why an actor chose to speak a certain way, or how the sound mixers and editors put together unique noises to create something that doesn’t exist.

I usually end up with more questions than answers when I watch movies, but ultimately it inspires me to learn more.

Inspiration itself is an interesting concept. I feel like I get inspired each time I see something that excites me, which is the definition of inspiration. I remember having a hard time in college because every subject I studied, I could see myself diving in and becoming engulfed in something new and interesting, making it hard to select a major.

However, storytelling — especially storytelling through film — has remained a constant.

The way we tell a story, or how we shape it, using actors and cameras is about the closest thing we can get to living in someone else’s shoes.

I almost always find myself projecting my own life into a film and dissecting how I would react in whatever situation is playing up on the screen. It’s not a fascination with being in the film or playing the character, it’s more or less preparing myself for an unknown event.

That may sound strange, but picture a world without film, books, or any sort of media. If you were put into a specific situation you’ve never faced — or even thought of — what would you draw on to make your decision?

Mostly instinct I would imagine, but if you had exposed yourself to a vast knowledge of “made-up” scenarios you might be able to think of a way out instead of being reactionary.

I guess my point is we observe things and then try to apply them to our lives. Good, bad or otherwise we affect our own lives by watching or learning from others.

For me, it’s almost as if I am my own movie and I am constantly trying to make it more interesting.

No, I am not going to pretend to be James Bond and part of the 007 program. I doubt I will be Jedi and wield a lightsaber. But I can strive to make better choices, learn from my mistakes, and save the day in my somewhat average daily life.

To me the most important part of my story, is the part that doesn’t have me around. It’s the legacy I will leave behind.

I just hope it’s a good one and my experiences through life have inspired someone else.

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