Sean Jordan: Heading way out West |

Sean Jordan: Heading way out West

My wife recently made plans to take a trip with her friend to Tokyo, Japan, and as one does when something exciting happens in their life, she has been telling her friends and family.

Sadly, the first impressions of others when being told her exciting news was met with pessimism and fear.

“Who are you going with? Sean isn’t going with you? Are you sure it’s a good idea to go to Japan? What if someone tries to take you and sell you into sex trafficking?”

These are just some of the questions she’s been berated with and it’s disappointing to say the least. I get that parents may be concerned about their kids (even if they are well into their adult years) traveling to another country, but why is our first response out of fear?

Japan is an amazing place, filled with wondrous things. Robots, candy and Hello Kitty, oh my! Whatever will she do on an island of fun?

We tend to joke around in our house and she has been telling everyone, “You need to stop watching Liam Neeson movies,” or, “No one is going to steal an almost 30-year-old woman. I’m a little past my prime.”

The last part is obviously a poor joke and she is nowhere near “past her prime,” but I laughed when she said that to her mom, who is now coming around to the idea. But it doesn’t stop me from wondering how people hinder themselves from going outside their norm because of fear.

Fear can be useful, and it can be the nudge you need to be successful.

Do you think the settlers who left the original 13 colonies to head out West were scared? Absolutely. Fear had to of been present, but the hope for adventure and the dream of a better life pushed them past that fear.

We can all take a page out of that book. Instead of letting fear consume and limit you to the possibilities out there, let it guide you and allow yourself to recognize what scares you and conquer it. You may surprise yourself and at the very least you will have a story to tell.

Now I know there are some things we will not budge on, and for me it’s scorpions. You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to lay down and have those little poisonous demon creatures click there little legs all over me. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

But fear of a country? That seems silly.

Sure, things are different in other places, but you can find similarities in almost every place you go. Plus, I think if you have some common sense and are a little observant you can differentiate what is safe and what is not. Sometimes it may not be safe, but life in general is a gamble and I feel that you should roll the dice every once in a while.

There is that old saying, “When you go out looking for trouble, you’ll find it.” Well, instead of using the word “trouble,” use “adventure” and see how that will change your mind set.

You just might find that adventure of a lifetime you’ve been looking for.

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