Sean Jordan: Getting laughs at the Nugget Fringe Fest |

Sean Jordan: Getting laughs at the Nugget Fringe Fest

On Saturday I set out to seek what the Nugget Fringe Festival had to offer. I had planned to spend most of the evening at the Holbrooke Hotel, where all of the shows I wanted to attend were being held.

What I didn’t expect was a nasty flu bug starting to grip my insides.

I’m a believer that laughter is the best medicine, so I pushed through into the first show.

The first act I caught was “So Laugh! Or Die!” It had two stand-up comics for the show: Shani Harris and Jori Phillips.

Harris took the stage first and had such a great flow and delivery that the small downstairs room we occupied became a more intimate setting.

She was clearly a great storyteller. No topic was off limits either. She spoke about her family life, dating, raising kids — and scaring them — and coming from a city to living in a small town. What I enjoyed about most was how casual she was and how she connected with the audience. The show wasn’t packed to the brim and that can usually be a downer for a performer, but she clearly had fun on stage and the crowd also enjoyed her energy.

After Harris finished her set, she passed the mike to Phillips, who also had a knack for great storytelling. She told the audience that she was originally from a small island off Canada and soon had the crowd rolling with her anecdotes of living with 1,000 people.

Her material ranged from island life, social media blunders, and some of the differences between Canada and the U.S. She also connected with the audience quickly, and shared similar qualities that Harris did when it came to flow and delivery.

Having that casual stage presence can speak volumes to an audience. It is not easy feat standing up on stage trying to make people laugh at what you think is funny; and it makes it even harder when the crowd can sense your nerves.

Both performers, however, did not give me the impression that they were nervous or uncomfortable onstage.

After the show ended I was just about to enter the next act when I felt my insides turn to lava. I had to leave as my body was just about to enter the flu “Thunderdome.”

Despite trying to fight off my sickness I enjoyed my time at the Nugget Fringe Festival, and I continue to hear great things about several of the performances.

This weekend is the last chance to catch some of these great shows, so be sure to check out the website to find venues and times to catch the end of this fun festival.

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