Sean Jordan: A new way to celebrate |

Sean Jordan: A new way to celebrate

It amazes me that we celebrate a saint by getting hammered in this country. Good ol’ St. Patrick, the patron saint of pretending you are Irish in America.

Seriously though, I am just as guilty as anyone else who has gotten drunk or done something stupid on St. Patrick’s Day. I do, however, have the advantage of being Irish so I will use that as my excuse, but for everyone else … shame!

It is funny to think about though, how the patron saint of bringing Christianity to Ireland is being honored by folks getting blackout drunk. Maybe that’s how he did it?

Good ol’ Pat came to town, got everyone blitzed and shared the good book. When everyone woke up in the morning, they prayed to God the hangover would go away and wouldn’t you know, it did. And there was the birth of Christianity in Ireland. Everyone getting so drunk they had to pray to feel better.

Obviously I am being facetious here, but I am curious as to why many people celebrate the holiday.

I am not saying you have to be 100 percent Irish or Christian, or even Catholic for that matter, to celebrate the holiday. But, if none of that matters, then why does the entire country observe the holiday?

Probably because Irish immigrants helped build this country back in the day, among the many other cultures that came through Ellis Island.

Personally, I look at it as a celebration of Ireland and all the people that came here to build a better life. When you think about it, the words “The land of the free” when your struggling somewhere else sound pretty enticing. So it was no wonder so many people fled Ireland and other countries to build a better life.

After all, isn’t that what we all strive to do? Build a better life?

Isn’t that what St. Pat was trying to do? Bring peace to the people in his country? I’d like to think so.

Even if you don’t agree with the religious aspect — and there is plenty of speculation on the real St. Patrick and his motives — just take it as a vague concept. He had an idea and he shared it with people. Good, bad, or otherwise he is still celebrated today.

Maybe we should start celebrating like that in our country. Maybe we should celebrate differences and new ideas. And maybe, just maybe, we can be like St. Pat and actually change the world.

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