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Savannah Hanson: What’s real?

Savannah Hanson

“Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” — A Course in Miracles.

Do you ever wonder what’s real? Want to peek behind the curtain to see if there is a wizard pulling levers and setting impossible tasks before you so that you can “prove” your value, your worth, your innocence?

If it feels that way, it would be because there is someone pulling the levers. It can be quite daunting once we discover the one pulling the strings is ourselves, our minds.

One day I was standing at the top of our stairs with my then husband at the bottom. I wanted to talk for the millionth time about our crumbling marriage and I was anxiously awaiting his response.

In a flash of awareness, I saw myself as a puppet who had handed my husband my strings. I was half right, turns out it is my mind, our minds that have us slavishly obeying the commands our conditioning and beliefs have us march stepping to. Over time I began to witness the fluidity of “reality” and how it shapeshifted to my beliefs, to what my mind insisted was true.

Everyday miracles

Sometimes extraordinary events would occur against all logic and reason when I had the faith to believe in the possibility of a miracle. One of the first big ones was in 2000 when we were in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of our daughter, yet for months were missing vital INS paper approving our ability to bring her into the United States.

One day I was sitting by the pool in Antigua, Guatemala where we were with our infant daughter awaiting the final completion of the adoption labyrinth and I heard a phone ring. First I thought, I should answer it but then thought, I must be delusional to think it was for me.

I didn’t answer yet rushed to the front desk to get a message from an INS officer apologizing for the long delay and promising to expedite our paperwork. This was even after reaching out to our state Senator to move things along which produced no results. Now that is a miracle.

Recently I had a golden opportunity to see this metaphor of things not being real, not always being the way they appear. I have used the statement “it appears as though” to learn to let go of seeming problems when I get triggered and instead be on the lookout for miracles.

The miracles have included having a car that I was told was certainly totaled due to an oil leak miraculously saved, a big onerous medical bill totally reversed, hidden inner support arriving to lift me through some of my greatest fears, loved ones’ problems being magically reversed and so on.

Deciphering reality

Here is what happened last week. To access a dear companion’s information my computer told me I needed to download a new flash player which I did (yes, I now know, a serious novice mistake).

I then got a warning I had a virus and unless I immediately fixed it all my files, passwords, accounts would be exposed. I was told to download a virus protector and probably would have done so but did not know the computer password as this computer was an old one gifted to me. I then was given a number to call as my home page was hijacked.

When I would try to open a new page, warnings would appear and even came with jarring sound effects. So I called them and was told that the first company that had offered help was, in fact, the virus so not to trust them.

My head was spinning and I almost complied but finally said, “Wait a minute. How do I know you are real? Maybe you are just another virus? I don’t know who to trust!”

Turns out I was right and both were companies who seemingly installed a virus on my computer so I could pay them to get rid of it. Only grace protected me from falling for it.

Why am I saying this? Because it is the perfect metaphor for life.

I am coming to understand the ego is a fear virus infecting our innocence and divinity. It then shows us how to protect ourselves from it by instilling programs designed to use what “A Course in Miracles” calls magic to save us from it. So we need medicine to be healthy, anti-depressants to feel good, insurance to stay safe and so on.

We may get lost in endless loops of self-protection never witnessing the self we are protecting is the illusionary self.

Our true self needs no protection as it is made in the image and likeness of God. All fear is the virus trying to trick us into believing we need protection. So not true.

As I discover ever greater levels of peace and inner safety, the words my mentor Nouk Sanchez always shares reverberate through my heart, “The Truth is true, and nothing else is true.”

It has taken me a lifetime of unraveling to just begin to discover this simple answer to all life’s seeming problems that evaporate in the face of this wisdom.

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