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Savannah Hanson: The gift of resurrection

Savannah Hanson

On March 2 I took a vow committing to holy relationship which is already starting to bear fruit. A holy relationship is where we come from wholeness within our self for a common purpose, not from need, control, demands and expectations.

Special relationships are where we appear to be seeking love, yet actually we are trying to fill an emptiness within by having someone meet our needs externally. This leads to endless conflict and heartbreak. Only our true identity can ultimately fulfill us, yet the ego’s favorite diversion is the seeming treasure’s of being someone’s special love.

Finding love

I meet so many who endlessly chase love externally, obeying the ego’s command to seek, but they do not find. I certainly spent over half my life doing the same.

Yet now I have discovered the true nourishment found in self-love. This has lead to me being hungry for authenticity, for vulnerability and for truly knowing another.

I want to know what makes your heart sing; that brings you to your knees in grief. I want to know what keeps you awake at night and what rocks you to sleep. I want to know what makes your life meaningful and what inspires you.

Many of us are undergoing a wave of change that has false identities being cast away as the real seeds itself more deeply in our hearts.

Love is the lighthouse constantly calling us forward. This can sound and feel very ephemeral until we authentically discover this underground river of connection as our embodied experience — a deep felt sense of heart expansion.

We are beginning to come together as a species saying enough to conflict, violence and inequality. Millions are joining their voices in the Women’s Marches — most recently for the March for Our Lives. We are beginning to close the apparent gap between genders races, sexual orientations.

Nothing brings us more joy than ending the separation we have created within our own hearts.

Easter has such a delicious symbolic meaning. It is the chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again, to witness all the ways we crucify ourselves and to stop, to let ourselves be reborn and fully claim our own irreversible innocence.

My class about moving beyond guilt to innocence begins today. A number of people I have spoken with tell me they have no guilt and this is not an issue for them.

Until recently, I too thought I had released all old guilt. But let me turn it around.

Letting go of guilt

Do you see yourself and everyone and everything as completely innocent? If not, you are caught in subtle or dramatic levels of separation that invariably cause suffering. All judgment caries subtle guilt whether conscious or not.

I personally just went through three weeks of rather excruciating physical tension in my body with commensurate feelings of being overwhelmed. Yet, this time I was able to hold on to the absolute conviction that nothing was wrong, that primordial obstacles to love were being exhumed for integration.

Yes, it took tremendous courage to allow these energies safe passage through me, and just in time for Easter as the gifts are beginning to be revealed.

Primary amongst the gifts is the visceral, embodied feeling of the closing of the gap between myself and others. What has shifted in my life is my awareness of the need to forgive myself for anything that caused the slightest upset in my life from irresponsible drivers to “rude” people.

I have come to see every judgment causes a feeling of separation within me from divinity and thus is mine to forgive. Fascinatingly, when we commit to seeing another’s innocence, we discover our own.

In England, when the underground trains pull into the station and opens the doors, the phrase “mind the gap” is endlessly repeated to prevent falls in the space between the platform and train.

My direct experience shows me that when I mind the gap, pay attention to when I feel the pain of separation, each allowance, each witnessing, each awareness brings me/us closer to closing the gap and creating heaven on earth. I am also learning through direct experience that giving is indeed receiving.

As the old drops away we await in wonder to witness what is being born. The miracle is to accept ourselves as we are, to own our unique way of being. Each of us are precious children of God and nothing can alter that.

May we each know our majestic identity and own our divinity. May we each intend to see everyone in their glory and so it is.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or RisingasLove@gmail.com.


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