Savannah Hanson: Surrendering to your emotions |

Savannah Hanson: Surrendering to your emotions

Savannah Hanson

As we enter this summer’s eclipse season, things are rocking and rolling on both the macro and micro level. The first eclipse is on Thursday, July 12, here in Nevada County, followed by eclipses July 27 and Aug. 11. They are designed to shake us up, wake us from our amnesia and bring us to face and move beyond our deepest fears and limitations. They are asking us to step out of fear and step more fully into our life purpose.

One major symptom being triggered is the feeling of being overwhelmed. As spiritual teacher Matt Kahn defines it, the ego is the overactive nervous system. As these high frequency energies hit our bodies to transform them into higher consciousness, it can definitely take a toll on the body and emotions. Long buried emotions may erupt to be witnessed and honored.

The temptations with such radical emotions is to quickly drown them again with a drink, busyness, drugs or anti-depressants. Another favorite is to project any frustration or irritation on to another. Yet what these wild emotions need is to be held. We need to give them space.

Listening to your emotions

By sitting quietly and breathing into them, by taking time in silence, by slowing way down and spending as much time in nature as possible, we begin to transmute these fiery energies into something that clears our eyes, illuminating new possibilities, showing us the way out of darkness.

To support the body, hot Epson salt baths are advised, exercise, movement, sounding and body work all help us move the energy. The tendency is to try to suppress it or express it inappropriately toward another.

“Primitive” people knew how to move these intense energies with chanting, drumming and dancing. Don’t let the energy curl you into a frozen state. If you need help, reach out.

While the intensity may not feel welcome, it is designed to highlight where we have limited ourselves and allows us to choose again. Let the emotions be an opportunity to explore what limits you, where have you locked yourself in, and find what fear is arising to be transmuted. Surrender and trust, offering the fear safe passage through you.

We are being given access to ever increasing levels of consciousness that have many making the break to inner freedom in unprecedented numbers. I am in awe of the heart and soul filled offering I see extended by so many of my Facebook friends. Every day I am asked to like a new offering that is based on community, love, equality, harmony and connection.

The summer is setting us up to move more deeply into our soul purpose. By fall, many of us will be more fully aligned with our destiny. Personally, I will be offering a year long online program by donation called The Total Transformation Class and a six week class called Heart Fluency.

The opportunity is to love whatever is arising, to allow ourselves to move through the energy, surfing the waves as they wash through the body. It is important to know you are not alone, you are not going crazy and there is nothing wrong with you. This intensity can lead to serious self doubt and hatred.

Letting go

To move out of the ego thought system, we must surrender and trust.

A few years ago when anxiety threatened to annihilate my sanity, I had to surrender at a level beyond what I thought I was capable of. After a life time of anxiety had subsided, to have it arise again 24/7 for a month at such an intensity I felt non-functional was not fun. Yet by diving fully into it, letting go of control or even hope, yet having the faintest glimmer of a sense of being supported and held, I ultimately passed through the eye of that needle and seldom am troubled by anxiety now.

Yes, it takes courage. Surrender means we let it be what it is, we feel what we feel, we let the panic, fear, depression be held by the spaciousness of our being. We call on a higher power to guide and direct us. Lesson 135 of “A Course in Miracles” tells us to let go of planning, let go of control. Scary, huh?

We are so used to believing we have to make everything happen or we are lost. Since that has not turned out all that well, why not give surrender a whirl?

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