Savannah Hanson: Love or fear? |

Savannah Hanson: Love or fear?

The choice for love or fear has never been more apparent. Each of us on a daily basis is given the opportunity to choose. Our five sense may be reporting back to us a million reasons to choose fear. Yet we must slowly learn to look within to make the radical choice for love despite appearances to the contrary.

There was a joke going around some years ago, “Can’t eat pork, swine flu, can’t eat chicken, bird flu, can’t eat beef, mad cow, so we might as well just eat ice cream.”

As we learn our soil is depleted of nutrients, our air, water and food carry major toxins, the food is altered by GMO’s, the economy is on the rocks while some of the politicians seemed to have lost their marbles, it’s easy to fall for the fear.

Catching fear

I recently got caught first by an internet scam by information about toxicity released by cooking with aluminum foil which I have done for years. I felt fear grip my chest, shorten my breath. I took my own medicine and gave the fear safe passage through me.

I threw up the red flag of awareness, stopping to bring compassion to my own experience. Yet it was only when I remembered lessons 79 and 80 of “A Course in Miracles” that I truly came back into balance.

There is only one apparent problem, separation, and that has already been solved. We never have been and never will be truly separated from our power, our source.

As I work with clients and students I have the privilege of witnessing this ramp up of fear.

For many the inflammatory choice for fear is becoming unbearable as relationships collapse under the weight of guilt and mistrust, bodies carrying too much stress succumb to the interference with the immune system, jobs are lost, accidents occur. This is our wake up call.

Some will chose a deeper sleep, yet many are courageously making the radical choice to look within, to discover how past conditioning and limiting beliefs shape-shift our “reality.”

Many clients are discovering the relief of finally saying yes to what is, to allow the emotions to be there without trying to push them away.

Trust love

In the last 24 hours three people were surprised by the sense of relief this allowing often brings. It was as though a whole new world opened up to them and the sage advice of spiritual teachers to trust the power of now, to love what is, to love whatever arises came alive.

No longer words on a page, now a pathway out of suffering.

Forgiveness and trust aren’t for sissies. I have a few clients making radical trust the foundation of their lives and I cheer with them as they face the demons and dragons of inner fears warning them to turn back.

Nothing in my life has ever compared to the feeling of expansion the giving and receiving of love, of forgiveness, of seeing only innocence brings. These are only concept until we dig deep and find the inner fortitude to act according to our intent.

Myths make so much sense. We take our hearts, our wisdom and our courage and face the wicked witch of fear, asking the wizard behind the curtain to show his face.

We can’t make this choice until we are willing to explore our own suffering, pay attention when our bodies scream at us, learn to forgive our self and others for our supposed “sins,” remember our inherent divinity.

Current astrology is advising us that we are in for even more intensity. The planet Pluto is a task master asking us to align with our highest good, our own knowing of what does and does not work in our lives or face the consequences.

An old article can help us learn how to make Pluto and these times our ally, as Pluto urges us to live our potential rather then appearing to act as a random bully trying to destroy us.

We each have the choice daily to add to the planetary aggregate of fear, conflict, criticism, to spill our discontent on to family, co-workers, service personnel. Or we can choose to extend gratitude, cooperation, kindness.

We can let every appearance of fear deepen our commitment to finding a new way, a way of community and connection.

Which will we choose, what guides our actions, fear or love?

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