Savannah Hanson: Letting go of control, trust, and abundance |

Savannah Hanson: Letting go of control, trust, and abundance

Savanna Hanson said there is a trap for the Western world to believe that people need more money, time, energy and abundance to feel secure.

It is so easy to fall into a trance of fear or scarcity, to be immobilized with panic when confronted by increasing world chaos. These times nudge, sometimes shove us into diving into our inherent nature.

Otherwise, we may fall into believing the voice inside that says we cannot handle it, are not up to these rapidly shifting times. Yet our bodies will quickly show us the price we pay to believe those thoughts.

A particular trap for the Western world is to believe we do not have enough: time, energy, money, love, support. In exploring the belief in financial lack, it is obvious that even those with plenty can feel insecure.

Money problems

I heard author Charles Eisenstein speak about a study that was done where the minimum net worth of participants had to be $25 million, with an average of $75 million.

When these multi-millionaires were asked if they were financially secure, the most common answer was no. When asked what it would take, most said another $25 million.

A survey done by the American Psychological Association in 2015 found that money is the most common cause of stress with 64 percent of the those surveyed being somewhat or significantly stressed.

Half of millionaires with less than 5 million believe one wrong move could seriously impact their lifestyle. Since Harvard Medical School says that 60-90 percent of all illness and accidents are stress-related, this fear about money is significant indeed.

In much of the world, particularly the West, we have been conditioned to see money as the source of our safety. To even question this belief can feel like heresy.

Yet my particular inner guidance asked me to do just that, to discover if we have a source of well-being far beyond money. As religions and spirituality promise, I wanted to investigate whether we are indeed sourced by source.

Our conditioning tells us we need security, insurance, plans, control to be safe yet I have discovered the reverse is true.

We need to let go of control and planning and dive into the present moment with divine guidance whispering to us moment to moment, directing us to outcomes beyond the scope of our little plans.

Letting go of the focus on money can open us to not only feelings of safety but to a willingness to share on all levels, from resources, to support, to our hearts.

Charles Eisenstein said, “I had to let go of a ‘life under control.’ In my helplessness, I accepted help. I received the things I had given up on …”

Letting go

In particular, I have discovered it requires a tremendous amount of trust to break free of being ruled by money for safety.

When I committed to breaking that chain, for a long time things did not look too promising. Yet as I have had the courage to follow my inner guidance, I am now being blessed with so much unexpected abundance.

To have stayed the course for years with my inner vision despite minimal income and to now have abundance showing up in countless ways is such a validation that even this deeply held belief in lack can be transmuted.

If we believe in infinite flow, it may not show up in the way we prefer or in the timing that feels comfortable, as it often takes time for the physical to catch up to our internal reality. Yet it will show up.

How gratifying to know without doubt that we can let go of the strict control and planning that may have previously ruled our lives and trust we are held.

Recently local fires made the need for trust apparent to me. Our home was one house from the suggested evacuation zone. As I looked at my possessions, it was now vital I choose quickly what to take and what to leave, to act without hesitation.

As I packed the car, I kept calling on the divine for guidance and support. This kept me from falling into the egoic trap of panic, reacting from an overactive nervous system.

As a former drama queen, I was gratified to witness how smoothly my daughter and I prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Internally, I found myself held with an invincible trust that I was and would continue to be guided by a power way beyond my ability to plan or control.

I trusted that my steps were shepherded despite the fact that I had no ability to get direct information with both power and internet down.

To witness myself at peace, alone in the dark cold night, my daughter safely at her dad’s was so affirming.

To be calm, knowing the fire was burning just a few miles away, was a powerful validation of the path of radical trust.

To be blessed knowing firemen, the power companies and other service personnel were tirelessly working for our communities’ safety and well being created such gratitude within me.

To witness so many offers of help on a crisis response website is so gratifying.

Blessings to all those impacted by the fires.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422, Cellular Release Practitioner at or at 530-575-5052.

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