Savannah Hanson: Finding the path of love |

Savannah Hanson: Finding the path of love

For eons mankind has learned to be more conscious through suffering. The contrast between suffering and peace has been the motivation for generations to wake up.

Over time, when we are paying attention, our suffering can help us realize what is causing our pain. When we realize we are at choice, we get excited and perhaps become willing to do whatever it takes to escape our own suffering.

It can be a glorious moment when we finally realize that our own behavior, beliefs, emotions are keeping us locked in pain. The great trick is to come to this awareness without guilt or self blame. Instead we nearly witness that we have the chance to let ourselves out of our self imposed prisons.

Yet a new time is upon us. It is the time of Christ consciousness and Unity. It is a time of joining. It is a time when we can begin to wake up through mere observation and connecting with others of like heart and similar intent. This is the promise of the new earth. The book “The Course of Love” defines this new possibility.

Instead of looking to a new teacher or guru to help us find our way to inner freedom, we turn to our own hearts. We can learn to trust our own inner guidance, knowing we are always connected to our divine source.

Then through connecting to our brothers and sisters, we find that inner knowing confirmed and magnified many times over.

Through the joining, our hearts find all the proof we need that we are on the right track, the path of love.

When the new possibilities become mirrored to us through our heart and soul friends, the joy becomes contagious. We become wellsprings of possibility for each other.

I have the great fortune to witness this new possibility in action. I am taking a year-long course called, “The Total Transformation Course.”

Witnessing change

Each week we come together to share our challenges and our wisdom. We share our grief and our joy. To witness the miraculous changes going on in participants is a true wonder.

I get to see how the heart connections magnify the healing exponentially. I get to witness how we are living in a time with the greatest possibilities for a return to wholeness. I see people burn through wounds that perhaps used to take lifetimes to resolve.

Now in a matter of months or a year or two, I am seeing people be freed from long-term karmic challenges.

I see in my own journey how having others hold energy for me has allowed me to excavate the deepest reaches of my own wounded past.

Just this past week, I have been able to not only forgive but to see the innocence of the person who wounded me most in my life. The sense of freedom and joy that comes from this release is indescribable.

In some countries they greet each other with the word “Namaste.” It means I salute the divine in you.

When I lived in Austria they would say to each other as their greeting, go with God. This is the opportunity of our times.

To see each other in truth, to see past appearances to the innocence and beauty that resides in everyone we meet. No matter how powerful the pull is to see something else, we can choose to always look for the innocence of our brothers and sisters.

This can certainly feel like a tall order, yet once we taste the nectar of freedom contained in this gem, the motivation is self sustaining. As deep peace descends on our lives, we become hungry to make this a way of being, a way of life.

To move beyond separation has been the greatest vision for my life. To taste the unconditional love present when my daughter was born, to move past any sense of separation, was all it took to make me commit 100 percent to this journey.

Let our hearts lead the way, our feet will follow.

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