Savannah Hanson: Fiery passion and creativity unleashed with the eclipse |

Savannah Hanson: Fiery passion and creativity unleashed with the eclipse

Portland Taiko drummer Karen Tingey performs in front of a live video shot of the sun to introduce the solar eclipse from Salem, Ore., Monday, Aug. 21, 2017.

With the sun in the fiery energies of Leo, we can ride the wave of energy created by yesterday’s total eclipse into a new relationship with ourselves and our lives. Leo calls us to reignite our passion and joy, fire up our creativity. Many are calling this eclipse a potentially huge gateway to a new beginning.

Astrologer Michael Lenox suggests we maximize the potential of the eclipse by focusing on what we are grateful for, what we are ready to release/integrate, and by tapping into the power of our intentions to create the world our vision paints for us.

Gratitude is a gorgeous practice that keeps us aligned with the energy of appreciation. When times are tough, the gratitude may have to be small, for the breeze that caresses our check, the soft fur of our pet, the laughter of a child. A daily focus on the five or ten things that enrich our lives, no matter how small, is a wonderful way to notice the gifts in each day.

Many are experiencing emotional firestorms bring to the surface any sense of limitation, pointing out to us where our old conditioning still creates suffering. If this is happening to you, know this is a common response to the heightened frequencies. There may be crying jags, bursts of rage. Other symptoms may include headaches, anxiety, fear, depression, heart palpitations, back issues.

Remember, any emotional fully experienced is not stored in cellular memory, while any emotion that is projected, rejected, suppressed will be stored and add to the level of toxicity in our bodies, increasing the burden of suffering.

Know that we have the power to free ourselves and integrate that which no longer serves us. Journaling about what we are ready to leave in the past may be useful. Seek professional help if the emotions coming up are overwhelming to the point of dysfunction.

Intentions are a fun thing to play with. We do not need to limit them to a specific form, rather we can focus on how we want to feel, how we want our lives to feel. So rather than say I want $100,000, we can say I intend to know I am abundant and have everything I need to live in joy. I am thrilled to trust I have all that offers me a fulfilling life and am always provided for.

Or perhaps, I delight in my relationships which are so nourishing and tender. I feel so fulfilled in my work, etc. We do not limit the mystery in its ability to deliver our desires to us in unexpected ways.

In an interview with Janet Conner, Michael Lenox said the universe is asking us to explore four critical questions:

“Where am I, and how am I, in relationship with Power, Leadership, Authority?

Where am I, and how am I, in relationship to Strength and Courage?

Where am I, and how am I, in believing that life is Joyful — even as it’s filled with strife?

Where am I, and how am I, in relationship with my Creative Expression?”

It is not too late to create ritual, to write down our intentions, to light a candle and dream of how we wish to feel. We can let our intuition guide us to the perfect way to celebrate these powerful energetic waves pulsating through August.

“I wish I had been more gentle with myself,” said a dear friend of mine. Me too! I wish I had been more gentle with myself through the powerful passage of ego unraveling I experienced. Take as much time as possible to rest.

For many of us, our bodies are being pummeled and require extra self-care. Some reminders: spend time in nature, sit in silence, hug a tree, take salt baths, stay hydrated, be compassionate toward self and others. Remember, others are often under greater pressure too.

While many painful wounds may be surfacing, for some it is a time for great celebration.

For those who have been willing to face and feel whatever arises, who have learned to love themselves, new possibilities are opening up. A sense of neutrality and great peace may now be par for the course. A desire to reenter the world after a long period of seclusion while going through ego integration may arise.

Look within to discover where passion is speaking, how a spark of joy directs action. There is no right or wrong, no ahead or behind. We are each in our own unique soul journey.

If you are feeling motivated and energized, perhaps ask yourself what joy is asking of you, where your heart is pointing you. As a collective, we have never been more powerful, regardless of outer appearances.

We are in the midst of a love revolution and I bow to the millions contributing to a new earth.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422, Cellular Release Practitioner at 530-575-5052 or

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