Savannah Hanson: Exhaustion and the eclipse wormhole |

Savannah Hanson: Exhaustion and the eclipse wormhole

Savannah Hanson

By the time you read this we will have exited an unprecedented power-packed three month eclipse wormhole.

Eclipse wormholes are energetic passages that jump us from an old reality, depositing us in a whole new timeline. Anybody remember the child’s game Chutes and Ladders? It is like landing on the bottom of a ladder and getting jumped way ahead in the game.

While this is great fun in the game, in life it often comes with an energetic price tag. The price many of us will pay is exhaustion and inner and outer upheaval.

These intense energies are designed to push to the surface anything that still remains in the bunker of ego consciousness. So it may feel like we got run over by a bus and putting one foot in front of the other is a heroic task. No worries.

So many I speak with think there is something physically wrong with them, wondering about hormones or something else going haywire in the body. Obviously, check with a doctor when it appears serious but the sleepless nights, waking at dawn, getting nine hours of sleep and still feeling profound exhaustion are all part of the wormhole designed to jet propel us forward in consciousness.

The new moon of Sept. 9 was the official end of this passage but things may still be rocking and rolling as we adapt to the new stratosphere.

It is now vital that we find a way to reclaim our trust and true identity in order to weather these energetic storms. While ultimately we are not our bodies, our bodies are an essential part of the wake up process. We have to feel it to heal it.

Sounds simple yet many mightily resist what is, willing to use anything to distract them from witnessing any and all trauma stored in cellular memory. This no longer flies.

Dive in to get out

We must be willing to dive into our physical sensations of tension in the spine, a heart feeling like it is deeply squeezed, a head crushed by a band of tension. This is the path to clearing the toxic debris of previous suffering and heartbreak and may require getting support.

Many will powerfully resist this process. Yet, this is no longer optional for those that want to exit the suffering that invariably results from remaining entrenched in the bowels of the ego thought system.

We also use whatever practice works for us to remember who we are. This varies for each of us. It may be prayer, meditation, yoga, sacred texts like the Bible or “A Course in Miracles,” church, spiritual groups and so on.

Hallmarks of the ego are anxiety, depression, rage, blame, shame, guilt, unworthiness, self hatred. All of these are signs to go within and reclaim our inherent incorruptible innocence.

For many of us, it is buried under eons of suffering and self rejection. It is no small task to reclaim our essential goodness so mighty companions to join us on this journey are invaluable along the way.

We are blessed in this community with numerous resources to join with like hearted companions on this pilgrimage home. Finding someone who we see as essentially innocent is perhaps the easiest way to reclaim our own guiltlessness.

The body is the warning that alerts us we are off course. When tension, heat, contraction, pressure, throbbing arise in the body it is the red flag kindly alerting us to go within.

By diving into the physicality of what is arising, we connect to the same intelligence as runs the entire universe. It seems too simple to yield such rich rewards yet this is part of the royal road to inner freedom.

For those with deep trauma, to be able to go within will likely require a trained companion with whom to begin the inner exploration. By the simple process of going within, we ultimately begin to come in contact with something solid, generous, loving, peaceful, compassionate — our own presence. As we tap into this field of energy, we begin to develop more trust in the process and in ourself. We finally see a glimmer of hope and ease motivating us to continue.

The process is often longer then we could imagine so don’t get stuck in self doubt, thinking there is something wrong.

We stay the course through the dark night of the soul, held by invisible forces. This is the most difficult part and requires we simply survive it as no apparent handholds shine a light.

Once we endure the depths of the ego unraveling, we finally emerge from the tunnel rubbing our eyes in wonder.

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