Savannah Hanson: Emotional intelligence |

Savannah Hanson: Emotional intelligence

With the elcipse on the rise Hanson says the energy around can effect us all. It can feel as though one is incapable of coping with the pressure of the conditioning or limitation arises in potentially huge physical sensations from headaches to stomach aches, to insomnia, to depression, anxiety even despair.

One of the greatest challenges I see in clients and students is the lack of awareness of how important it is to be willing to dive into our somatic experience. To loosen the kinks in cellular memory we must merely (a million dollar merely) be willing to fully feel all that arises in the body.

The body alerts us to when we are believing in old conditioning. The body sensations let us know we are emotionally caught in a limited view of self, in a contraction in cellular memory where we experienced disconnect or trauma.

As a society, we do not train our children in how to let emotions be energy in motion. Instead, we encourage our children to be emotionally repressed. Boys don’t cry, you don’t really hate your grandmother, stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.

The chain of pain is intergenerational.

Parents who are either uncomfortable with or afraid of their own emotions will pass this suppression to their children. They are unable to educate their children in emotional intelligence, how to move through difficult emotions. We often do not know how to meet our own needs, let alone our children’s.

The intensity of the current energy waves is forcing these suppressions to the surface. It can feel as though one is incapable of coping with the pressure of the conditioning or limitation arises in potentially huge physical sensations from headaches to stomach aches, to insomnia, to depression, anxiety even despair.

Rage may arise. In a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates have been increasing since 2000 after decades of decline. The year 2015 was the deadliest year, while from 1999 to 2015, approximately 600,000 U.S. residents died by suicide, with men being four times more likely to choose this devastating way out of pain. Also, the suicide rate for middle school children has doubled from 2007-2014.

This is very concerning obviously. What is going on? According to Dr. Gabor Mate, a trauma specialist, we live in a society that ignores, in fact, does not understand, basic human developmental needs. He describes the essence of trauma as separation from ourselves. He further explains it as a separation from the body and the emotions. (Here is a link to Dr. Mate’s work:

Since a tragically high number of us have experienced physical or emotional trauma, the need to know how to move beyond trauma is crucial.

Ideally, western civilization will come to realize the vital nature of the ability to move energy and emotions through our bodies to shift the tide of disease and debilitating emotional problems such as depression and anxiety that are now a plague upon our times.

We will learn what is truly important in our lives and make those needs our priority rather than chasing materialism. According to the Harvard Medical School, stress accounts for a shockingly high percentage of disease, from 60 to 90 percent. This makes it increasingly vital that we learn to be able to stay present to what is arising in our bodies.

Few understand that any emotion fully felt will not be stored in cellular memory. Anything suppressed will add to the pain and suffering of later life. Until something is fully experienced, it awaits our attention. When babies fully allow their sadness or rage, it quickly passes. A baby or toddler may scream and cry yet minutes later be happily playing.

Because many of us are dealing with years if not eons of limiting conditioning and suppressed trauma, we may need support to feel safe enough to allow this repressed material to be experienced somatically. The intensity of August energies is bringing up much of this unprocessed conditioning, whether people are ready and willing or not.

The material arising may be so overwhelming that it feels as though one could go insane, literally not be able to handle it. Finding a trusted support person is vital in such cases.

For those for whom the energies are gentler, begin slowly. When a current situation triggers old pain, be willing for just a few minutes to feel where the upset lands in the body. Does your head feel constricted, the heart heavy? Does breath become shallow? Perhaps there is heat or pulsing? Simply witness it and, as best as possible, drop the story, just for now, associated with the sensations.

Common symptoms of the body’s attempt to adjust to the higher frequency energies are headaches even migraines, insomnia, racing heart, heart palpitations, higher or lower blood pressure, joint pains, suddenly falling asleep or the need for more sleep, and wild dreams. To support the body in these transformative times, spend time in nature, in silence, move the body, meditate.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Taking hot epson salts baths perhaps with lavender or other essential oils can help calm and soothe the body and heart.

Ultimately, we can train ourselves to be energy masters, willing and able to feel, even love, what ever arises, to know and honor our own needs. Thus we are free.

After we have fully allowed our visceral, embodied experience, ultimately a new spaciousness and peace will arise. We have arrived in the new. Now when old conditioning arises we can merely feel it then let it go without a backward glance.

While it may sometimes be difficult to know when we need to immerse ourselves in our corporeal sensation and when we can just let the blasts from the past fly by us, over time our bodies inherent wisdom become the guides to our own liberation.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422, Cellular Release Practitioner at (530) 575-5052 or

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