Savannah Hanson: Closing the gap |

Savannah Hanson: Closing the gap

As the stress of the planet continues to intensify, it becomes ever more vital that we keep our vision and hearts on course. It is certainly easy to get swept into fear or even despair.

While it may not be apparent, there is also a great love wave arising and engulfing many in its wake. One of my favorite things to witness is how often I hear people say “I love you” when ending a cell phone call.

So many things we took for granted are being revealed as the precious gifts they truly are. As crisis and tragedy keep appearing on almost a daily basis, it is easy to recognize the foolishness of taking anything for granted.

If you are currently in a place where you feel like your life is extraordinarily challenging, know that is an indication that you are in the midst of the deepest levels of ego unraveling. In such a state a feather can feel like a hurricane. Gratitude may appear as a distant planet far from your current circumstances.

When I was in this place, I used to be grateful for the sun on my skin, a cool breeze on a hot day, a smile from a loved one. Gratitude is a very high energy that it is wise to cultivate in our lives. Yet some can use it as another way to whip themselves for falling short of some imagined ideal.

In this case, we can use spiritual teacher Matt Kahn’s suggestion that we either simply say we wish we could be grateful or we extend peace, love, joy, gratitude to the planet; may all beings be grateful, joyful, peaceful.

This is a strategy to sooth the restless heart and help mitigate the symptoms so many are experiencing of insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, overwhelm, heightened emotions. Yet ultimately these times are asking us, nay, requiring us to return to love. This is the only sure surcease of all the fear and worry.

For me, this entails recognizing there is a divine plan in operation despite the apparent chaos. We must intend to turn our lives over to this benevolent force of good, the only sure way of exiting the egoic thought system with its commensurate suffering. Ultimately we must close the gap to love.

A freeing experience

I was recently urged by my mentor Nouk Sanchez to not only forgive the person who wounded me the most in childhood, not only see the gift he offered to my life but also be willing to see him as completely innocent.

At first, I wondered if this was doable for me after so much anguish. Yet within 24 hours I had entered sacred space nested within my own heart and been able to revisit a childhood trauma, see this person with new eyes, recognize the grievous wounds that had impacted him and led to his treating me in a less than skillful way.

For over a week, tears of release would sweep over me periodically as I finally set this person and myself free of old grievances and feelings of victimization. A tall order for sure and one that took years of forgiveness work to be able to do sincerely.

Yet the deeper we go in consciousness, the more intolerable any judgment or separation feels. The sense of homecoming that permeates us as we let ancient distress go, makes it too enticing to stop short. Now we refuse to allow any gap to remain between us and love.

I was given a further suggestion. To go to anyone with whom I felt the slightest separation and clean it up. Here is another example to show how this works.

When a dear friend and I could not seemingly get both our needs met about when to meet, (we live far apart) feelings got hurt. I could feel myself pull away.

In the past, I would simply have let that small sense of distance poison our relationship with a slow leak. This time I went to her and shared my experience without blame.

This will not work until we can take 100 percent responsibility for our own feelings and responses. She shared her hurt feelings and we cleared the air, closing the gap.

It took great courage for me to share this little conflict and most of us will just let them go. Yet these little judgments insidiously keep us from love. I heard myself say, “but I am 96 percent on board with love, can’t I get cut some slack?” Sure I can, yet it comes with accompanying suffering.

This going the whole distance beyond separation and ego into pure love is not for everyone because it does require incredible discipline and vigilance.

Yet as my heart floats free of ancient judgments, suffering, and unease, I declare I am all in. Does anybody want to come along?

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