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Savannah Hanson: Changing our minds

Savannah Hanson

As fear ramps up, the split between two “realities” becomes greater. Some of us are living in what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls the new earth, filled with peace, cooperation, harmony, sharing and abundance. “A Course in Miracles” calls this the “Real World” where joy predominates. Those of us still ruled by fear and ego are experiencing lack, conflict, scarcity, increased accidents and illnesses.

It is easy to read that and to move into self judgment for being impacted by fear and conflict. Turns out self judgment, the judgment of others and guilt is the glue that keeps us stuck in hell. How to move back into the heaven that already exist here on earth? We change our minds. Simple, not easy.

Most of us are highly identified with our bodies and use much of our time and attention to keep them safe and well. Few truly identify the link between mind and perfect health.

I used to work for the Wellness Community, a support center for cancer patients. In the mid-1990s we were teaching patients the link between emotions and health that was now being scientifically proven. Yet it seemed a somewhat new idea.

Now quantum physics has turned everything on its ear, proving the impact the observer has on “reality,” altering outcomes based on the observer.

Scientific American wrote, “… these experiments (in quantum mechanics) indicate that the everyday world we perceive does not exist until observed, which in turn suggests — as we shall argue in this essay — a primary role for mind in nature.”

Spirituality tells us it is a question of forgotten Identity, forgotten divinity. Those lost in fear have merely (a million dollar merely) forgotten the truth of their being.

How to remember? We begin to use every upset, every conflict, every descent into fear as an opportunity to change our minds, to return to the absolute knowledge of our identities as children of God.

It may be hard to accept that our five senses are not reporting physical reality, the truth. So a few little images might help us begin to poke holes into the belief that our five sense know what is really happening.

My direct experience is, as Pam Grout states, “So today, you can either believe the optical illusion of your senses, you can believe in the monsters or you can know that your true reality is love and that you are here to extend that love, to create and to dance for joy.”

Now here is another one, is the dress black and blue or yellow and white? Interestingly the first time I only saw yellow and white, now sitting outside I see black and blue. Look for yourself.

OK, but our ears hear what’s there, right? Not so much.

Perception is reality?

Hopefully by now you are less certain about reality. Our perception of reality depends on the frequency we have access to.

David Hawkins in his book, “Power vs. Force,” charts the evolution of consciousness and the frequencies individuals and we as a species are accessing. What we see, the reality we perceive all depends on our level of consciousness or frequency.

Hawkins wrote, “It is initially very challenging to understand that attitudes can alter the world one experiences and that there are numerous valid ways of experiencing it. But, as in viewing a hologram, what you see depends completely on the position from which you view it.

“Which position, then, is so-called ‘reality?’ In fact, this is a holographic universe. Each point of view reflects a position defined by the viewer’s unique level of consciousness.”

He writes the main factor in shifting consciousness is willingness.

So reality is not fixed and we are each perceiving a different “reality” based on our conditioning, beliefs, consciousness, frequency. Some are in a continuous state of joy and peace, some are in constant conflict, hate and fear, most are somewhere in between.

In order to shift from one world to another, we must be willing to change our minds, release our guilt, forgive not seven times but seventy times seven (Mathew 18:22).

How liberating to know “reality” appears to shape shifts with our perceptions yet the truth remains.

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