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Savannah Hanson: Believing is seeing

Savannah Hanson

Many of us have heard the phrase, “We create our own reality.” Yet, how many know how to apply this? It can take a long time of self inquiry to finally see the this truth.

We have to explore our inner landscape to be able to witness what our minds and beliefs are telling us. Until we see and diffuse old limitations, we may inadvertently use our minds to mis-create.

Law of attraction

When Silvano Cicogni of Cicogni Farm learned about the law of attraction he was deeply inspired and began to use it with powerful results. Yes, he learned it is not so straight forward as many discover to their dismay.

To ask for what you want often surfaces all the internal conditioning standing in the way of your desire. Yet, Cicogni mastered the art and used it to fulfill his dream to have free land to farm on.

Within 10 days of his having a specific vision of hassle and rent free land, he received exactly that to the tune of 30 acres. Then he wanted a 20 foot semi trailer and a horse and within less than a week, he was invited to a party where he met someone who gave him both for free.

Many of us unconsciously use the power of the mind to create based on past negative conditioning and experiences. Almost two weeks ago, I had the direct experience of seeing the wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers to create “reality.”

I saw that I was making up a story where I was the villain and supposedly other characters were blaming me. I saw this was entirely in my own head and was not happening anywhere but there. That somehow opened a door from “we create reality” as a philosophical construct to my daily understanding and experience.

Putting faith in trust

Flash forward to the last days, I have had a challenge with internet ever since we bought our house nine years ago. My “wasband” (ex-husband) spent days, weeks, months fighting with AT&T with very limited success. I also had them come out a few times yet the internet was still very iffy.

I got the impulse the day after my birthday to tackle this “onerous” task. I was actually on hold when I realized I was going into the experience with a negative, doubtful attitude. I expected this would remain a problem, that it would be difficult, and I would probably have to change companies.

As I waited, I forgave myself and saw myself having a wonderful experience where miraculously the problem was permanently solved. Through this process I met an extraordinary women who lead me through the labyrinth of my computer, had me pushing buttons and applications I had no clue existed.

I had to keep resting in deep trust as half the time I had no clue how to even follow her instructions as she patiently guided me step by step.

Lo and behold, my internet, after weeks of being up an average of 5-10 percent of the time, is now up 99 percent. Twice it went off and I had to rest in the trust that all was well and not freak out.

It came right back on. I saw how easily I wanted to slip back in to the old reality of this being a problem and had to be vigilant to accept all is well. I detail this because many find themselves hijacked by the past into expecting drama and trauma in the future. They have not yet learned to implement the awareness of how creative our minds are.

Positive thinking

My friend led a retreat to Tunisia last year. Her heart then told her she is meant to move there yet she has no savings.

Out of the blue, she heard from a man she had not seen in decades. When she shared her vision, he ended up freely giving her the amount she believes she will need for the move, $20,000. She leaves next week.

Recently someone told me a story of a business where the owner hated his location and perceived his business negatively. When he sold it, the new owner loved his location and his business. Nothing changed about the business except the owner and the attitude yet now the income is triple what it used to be.

These times are asking us to take dominion of our consciousness. Without shame or blame, we have the opportunity to create our dreams or our nightmares.

It’s very challenging to see, yet true, that it is our choice to not have the future look like the past. Most say I will believe it when I see it.

Those who have mastered this art say, “I believe it so it is only a matter of time until I see it.”

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