Savannah Hanson: Believing is seeing, the new Earth |

Savannah Hanson: Believing is seeing, the new Earth

Beliefs shape-shift our reality. We are electromagnetic beings and we literally magnetize our experiences to us through the frequency our mind-body emits. This may sound like mumbo-jumbo, yet my direct experience is now bearing this out.

Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic, according to Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy. So both thoughts and feelings are altering our experience.

For years, an essential part of my work was assisting clients to shift limiting beliefs created from old conditioning from parents, school, society. The focus was on beliefs about their personal experience, such as, “I am unlovable,” “I am unworthy,” “I am defective.”

By allowing the pain-body to be experienced as physical sensation in the body, enough ego is transmuted to allow the spaciousness of our true nature to emerge.

The reason the movie “The Secret” fell flat was people would use visualization to try to create without having the inner alignment or frequency to manifest what they were trying to bring into form.

Yet in the higher frequencies of today, we are seeing our beliefs manifest quickly, be they life-affirming or life-negating. Often, when people see the link between their thoughts/emotions and what arises, they fall into the trap of blaming or shaming themselves, seeing themselves as the source of the challenge.

Being self-aware

The opportunity is to be aware without self-blame. We do not blame kindergartners for not understanding physics yet we shame ourselves for living out our old conditioning.

That is like blaming our computers for the way they always function according to the way they were programmed. We have to learn how to take back dominion of our own consciousness, recognizing this is no small task. Rather, it requires devotion.

We are now in what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls the “New Earth.” The new Earth is not another planet or location. It is side by side with the old, existing at a higher frequency. Based on our emotions, beliefs, and frequency, we will live in love or fear, the new earth or the old.

The dramatic nature of the difference between the two was brought home to me recently on a trip to Nevada.

I was speaking to a man I have met before, someone I like and appreciate. We fell into a conversation about the state of the planet and he had an extremely pessimistic, in my eyes, fearful view.

He anticipates race wars, civil war, violence, people turning against each other. The picture he painted was so vivid I turned around to see if there was danger behind me.

I felt fear attempt to grip my gut. I had to shake my head and return to my own experience, my own resting place in love. While I am clearly aware of world chaos, I am more focused on the love and cooperation I see both in our community and the world.

I keep my eye single on that which I wish to create and actualize and that is my daily reality. I encounter very supportive, loving, kind people and witness frequent acts of generosity and compassion. This encounter to me epitomized the differing landscapes of the old and new Earth.

Since the fires, I feel I have entered this new Earth in a powerfully visceral way. I quickly see how my own beliefs limit or expand my experience.

Two examples

I was at a timeshare and was not surprised to overhear most of the conversations at the mineral baths were more materialistic or “superficial” than I prefer.

I am taking a year-long class and one of my homework assignments is to take 100 percent responsibility for my experience. I decided to let go of that old belief about people at timeshares which was based on about 30 years of prior encounters and ended up having delightful conversations.

One conversation was very powerful and meaningful with a woman about how she was attempting to regain her faith after the death of her infant. I saw how shifting my beliefs, thoughts and emotions had quickly shifted my experience.

The other situation was an ongoing conflict with a loved one which had me seeing red.

Yet once I became accountable and took full responsibility, I waited in both irritation and anticipation to see what would happen. I was blown away to finally see how my controlling behavior had been at the root of the conflict all along!

I literally had been blind to my own unconsciousness! Once I owned my part, the dynamic shift immediately and a pattern of decades dissolved immediately.

We are living in fascinating times. What few see is we are at choice, once we have integrated the overactive nervous system and learned to remember and tap into our own unlimited natures, our own inherent divinity.

This is the work of those heroes willing to follow the trail of their own hearts back home. It is not for the faint of heart, yet the rewards of this inner freedom make the journey so enticing.

Joseph Campbell in the “Power of Myth” said, “Three or four times I have seen what appeared to be magical effects occur: men and women of power can do things that you wouldn’t think possible. We really don’t know what the limits of the possible might be.”

I couldn’t agree more.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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