Savannah Hanson: All problems have been solved |

Savannah Hanson: All problems have been solved

Savannah Hanson

“What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by one whose only purpose is your good?” — Lesson 135 in “A Course in Miracles.”

As the egoic thought system continues to unravel, many of us will experience the collapse of external things, situations, people that we used to depend on for support. This collapse seems to belie the truth of the above statement unless we have learned to trust the planetary wake up, shake up underway. This is forcing those with eyes to see into a deep, internal excavation.

Many are becoming aware that all their scrambling to fix things at the level of form are continuing to fall short as problems seem to multiply. It makes us increasingly willing to explore the possibility that perhaps the answer we are seeking does not lay with all the ways we have previously attempted to control our lives, plan for our security, ensure our own well being.

“If you are willing to recognize your problems, you will recognize that you have no problems. Your one central problem has been answered, and you have no other. Therefore, you must be at peace. Salvation thus depends on recognizing this one problem, and understanding that it has been solved. One problem, one solution. Salvation is accomplished.” — Lesson 80 in “A Course in Miracles.

The one problem referred to is separation and the answer is that we never did separate, in fact cannot separate from the truth of who we are. The current eclipse window from July 12 to Aug. 11 is bombarding us with cosmic energies designed to support us in discovering this truth. Only when we begin to question our very identity, to look within for answer that cuts across all seeming problems, do we find lasting relief.

The dark is getting darker and the light lighter to help highlight what the true choice is. While we listen to the ego, problems seem to endlessly proliferate. When we were able to sail along without doing this profound inner exploration, most were willing to coast.

The current unprecedented intensity is causing many to choose again, to be willing to make the commitment to taking the time, energy, vigilance to explore conditioning and limiting beliefs with deeper awareness. We can do as I did and literally travel around the world until we discover all the answers we have ever sought lay within.

Keeping the ego in check

Those who are unaware of the universal forces at work shifting us to a new earth can feel like they are losing their sanity. We are in the dying throes of an old paradigm and as we shift to a world based on peace and cooperation, many are triggered into major ego storms.

I am sure we have all witnessed crazed drivers darting in and out of lanes, people screaming at each other in public places. All ego trying to displace inner guilt.

The tragedy is many do not see the door of the egoic prison is open. Two clients recently shared how trapped they had felt, stuck in endlessly repeating old patterns, beliefs, conditioning. One compared it to a video game where we can not access a new level until we backtrack and proceed in a new way.

The new way lies on a foundation of trust and innocence. Hard to fathom when we see so many, people in positions of power, acting in unskillful ways that impact large segments of the population. We can feel powerless to affect change when such global forces are in movement.

Ironically, the biggest impact we can have is in shifting our own awareness, consciousness. As quantum physics now proves, these internal shifts impact the field and the influence is felt at long range even while seldom being visible.

If one member of the family decides to stop arguing, the entire family system is impacted. If one government official refuses to blame and shame, chooses to remain in personal integrity despite temptations to the contrary, we begin to experience global change and the game, using the analogy of the video game, is up leveled to new possibilities.

Know you are not alone if it feels so dark suicide seems an option. Several people I have spoken to are in such terrifying places. Help is available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit if you or someone you know needs help.

These times are designed to wake us up, to bring us to a level of freedom and peace that previously has been very rare on this planet. We can look on these times as the exact medicine require to restore the planet to wholeness. Or we can resist, continue to fight and face a bumpier ride.

Ultimately, either way, all will be restored to unity.

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