Savannah Hanson: A consciousness of abundance |

Savannah Hanson: A consciousness of abundance

As many struggle with multiple jobs yet still have trouble making ends meet, abundance is a hot topic. Enter the concept of a consciousness of abundance.

In the futuristic Star Trek Federation, money, hunger and greed are obsolete, a foretelling of the future?

Yet what is a consciousness of abundance, how is it created? I have been reflecting on the first commandment in the Bible, “You shall have no other gods before Me,” — Exodus 20:3. I learned this as a young child in religion classes yet never really thought about it until recently.

I have been considering the three most common false gods, at least as I see it. In order, the body, special relationships, then money and financial security. For a long time I have considered it part of my life purpose to shift our relationship to money as the source of our well being and safety.

“A Course in Miracles” Lesson 50 tells us we are sustained exclusively by the love of God. Yet how many of us believe that, are truly willing to be like the flowers and the birds, trusting we are always supported? Do we not feel much more supported by our 401K’s or bank accounts?

I recently had the honor of spending time with a friend who has truly embodied abundance, knowing she has what she needs when she needs it. She lives according to her heart’s desires and her needs are always met, often in radically unexpected ways.

She is currently in France at a gypsy festival before going to Tunisia where she may or may not stay having left our area less than a week ago. She has learned to trust.

My direct experience shows me by shifting our consciousness, our experience of abundance can and will shift with it.

Pretty radical, yes? I was deeply moved by an article I read first in an old “People” magazine and then saw the movie, “All the Money in the World” based on the same topic of the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty III.

His grandfather was considered the richest man in the world yet was unwilling to pay his grandson’s ransom money, despite receiving J. Paul’s bloody ear proving the kidnapping was not a hoax. He spent a long time negotiating the ransom and only paid after discovering the money was tax deductible, charging the non-deductible part of it to his son at 4 percent interest.

J. Paul senior’s love of money left me horrified yet compassionate for the suffering that ensued from making this a false god. I have also had to painfully look at the way greed and the love of money and things has played out in my own life.

Money can’t buy happiness

While I know many in this community who follow their bliss, it often seems to be through living rather frugal lives. Others may lack the courage or opportunity to leave jobs that sustain them financial yet drain them emotionally or spiritually. Some feel comprised by jobs that conflict with their values and integrity.

As the disparity between the rich and the poor increases, as inflation and soaring cost cut into people’s discretionary spending, it is clear we are in crisis and something needs to give.

The concept of money is on the move. Just one example, cryptocurrencies, I was part of a group focused on money free abundance, a concept I could barely understand initially.

Economist Charles Eisenstein is focused on a gift economy after finding it impossible to go along with the status quo.

He said, “I didn’t know what I was searching for, but I knew that none of the usual options life presents a Yale graduate attracted me … In my late 20’s I entered what was to be a long period of intensifying crisis. It started when all my professional work became intolerable. It became excruciating to do work I didn’t care about.

“Even though a million reasons told me why it was irresponsible, impractical, and foolish to quit, I eventually could not make myself do it anymore. An irrepressible feeling, ‘I am not here to be doing this!’ took control of my life. So I entered a long period of searching.”

He asks why money has been such a source of destruction and injustice and urges us to make new agreements about money that align with planetary well being.

I am part of a year long group offered exclusively by donation. I just watched a video about why this makes sense on the quantum level by a woman who has chosen to do the same. Pretty out there, huh?

I don’t have answers, only questions. How do we shift our financial system to one that works for all, where poverty is eliminated, where we all have what we need when we need it?

It is a question worth considering.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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